About Me

I am not marriage counsellor, but I am a one-stop resource for tips on how to improve your marriage. I communicate sound advice through my references and well-researched articles. If your marriage is suffering, allow my ideas to help you out. If your husbandly or wifely duties pile up, I have several tips on how to make them less daunting. The bigger picture: I will help you see your marriage in a whole new light.

I do know from a long time of studying relationships that getting married is easy, but staying married is not. Couples today are faced with a web of challenges and pressures. While I do acknowledge that differences exist between spouses, I am not into generalisations. Husbands can cook for their wives, too. I love to address your marital issues in a way that makes them less complex. I don’t order you to do this or that. I am here to suggest. If you need a makeover, emotional or physical, I tell you. Browse through our articles. I might have something that addresses your issues. If not, please contact us, and I will be happy to research the topic and post the information on my blog or make a report.

If you feel like you’re falling asleep from the boredom of married life, I have resources to help you make your marriage a lifetime of honeymoons. Learn how to get out of the monotony of daily married life. For marriages with more serious challenges, I have suggestions on how to come to the table and talk.

If you already have a great marriage, I can help you take it to the next level. I have gift suggestions for your anniversary or ideas for a fun date. Yes, I believe that a married couple shouldn’t stop dating (each other). I teach you how to please your spouse even more – to express your love in a way that’s clear and meaningful. You don’t want any misinterpretations in your relationship.

Are you interested in gauging how you’re doing as a spouse? I have quizzes to test how you rate on the faithfulness meter. Or you may simply want to determine what kind of love language you and your spouse speak in showing love to each other.

To top it off, I have my “Give Love, Get Love” e-book, a concise and helpful guide to teach you how to give your best to your marriage. I offer useful giveaways to go along with it. I only provide you the best books to purchase – which include tips and ideas you might have never heard before – to get your marriage to the happiest point it has ever been.

Help yourself to my spring of free ideas. I give true, friendly, and practical advice. I use a consistent, single-minded approach in helping couples improve their marriage. That’s how I like to help people.