Priority Marriage Quiz

One of the most important skills to learn in order to succeed in your marriage is to “put love first.” In other words, to have a good marriage, your spouse and your relationship has to be the absolute highest priority in your life–bar none. Answer the questions below “true” or “false” and see how you’re doing. Compare your score with the assessment scale below.

1. When my spouse phones, I almost always make time to talk.
2. If I’m with my spouse and someone else phones, I usually don’t take the call.
3. I speak to my spouse about non-logistical matters at least twice per day.
4. When something significant happens in my life, I almost always share it with my spouse first.
5. I initiate positive loving physical contact with my spouse at least twice each day.
6. When we go to a social function, I almost always spend at least half my time talking with my spouse.
7. When my spouse walks into the house, I almost always interrupt whatever I am doing to greet my spouse.
8. When I walk into the house, the first thing I usually do is greet my spouse.
9. I spend more time interacting with my spouse than I do watching TV.
10. I spend more time interacting with my spouse than anyone else in my life.
11. I usually interrupt whatever I am doing if my spouse wants my attention.
12. When I need someone to talk to, I almost always talk to my spouse.
13. I almost always recognize in a significant way my spouse’s birthday, our anniversary, and other special days.
14. My spouse and I go out alone together at least once per week.
15. My spouse and I go on vacation alone together at least once per year.
16. I have photographs of my spouse in my office, wallet, or gym locker.
17. I have at least one personal and meaningful discussion with my spouse per week for a minimum of twenty-five minutes.
18. I do unnecessary thoughtful things for my spouse regularly.


1-9: OUT OF SHAPE. Your marriage is not your top priority.

10-14: AVERAGE. If you’re already having some problems, this won’t help.

15-18: MARRIAGE FITNESS CHAMPION. You’re doing well. Your priorities serve your marriage.