Saving Marriage Quiz

Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

If you are unhappy with the state of your marriage then check here for the likelihood of you being able to save it.

Question 1:
How Long Have You Been Unhappy In Your Marriage?
It Seems Like a long Time – Months
Not That Long – a few weeks
Ages – Years
Question 2:
How Long Have You Been Married?
For More than 6 years
For a few years
Not That Long – A few months
Question 3:
How do you feel about your partner right now?
We’re OK – just not what I expected
Some parts are OK the others I don’t like at all
I hate them – I just want a way out
Question 4:
When did you last have a good deep conversation about something important to you?
Years ago/ Never
A few months ago
A few weeks ago
Question 5:
When you did last speak (deeply)? were you happy with the outcome?
It was OK
It was good – I really enjoyed it
It wasn’t that good really
Question 6:
What areas of your relationship are you most unhappy with?
We just can’t seem to talk
We’re both busy doing our own thing we don’t have time for each other
Our family takes up most of our time so there’s no fun
Question 7:
How satisfied are you with your love life?
When it happens it’s OK – could be better
Not Happy at all
It’s OK – that part is working fine
Question 8:
Do you imagine yourself being with someone else?
No Never
All the time
Question 9:
What do you like most about your partner?
Their looks
Can’t think of anything
Their character
Question 10:
Do you enjoy your holidays together?
They’re OK – could be better though
Not really
Yes – we happily spend time together.
Question 11:
If you could find a way to fix your marriage, would you want to know what it was?
Yes please
Not really
Maybe – it depends what would be involved .

Question 12:

If you could leave your partner now with no guilt or recriminations,would you?
Yes – just let me out
No way – I just want things to be better
Maybe – sounds tempting but not sure

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