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Treat Your Spouse Like A Pet?

Psychologists believe that treating your spouse like a pet will improve your relationship. Think of the way you care for your dog or cat and the endless fun you have when you play with them. Can you do the same to your partner? Sure, you can. People always have a soft spot for their pets. They tend to love them and consider them as part of their family. Psychologists have concluded that couples can be happier when they shower the same love and fondness to their spouse as they do to their pets.

First dance as husband and wife

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When they get home from work, people greet their pets lovingly. Why not do the same thing to your spouse? As you open the door to your house, give your spouse a big hug and a kiss on the lips. No matter how bad the situation is at your work and how stressed you are, the sight of your pet just lifts you up. Your spouse should have the same effect on you.

Whatever your pets may have done, like pee on the carpet, steal food from the counter, or poop on your lawn, you forgive them because you love them so much. You accept them their shortcomings because you care for them. This should also be practiced by couples. Forgiving your spouse when he or she commits a mistake will make your relationship happier. When your pet messes up, it’s not enough to ruin your day and guess what? Your spouse’s mistakes aren’t either.

Pets don’t hold grudges against their owners. They don’t have fears of getting betrayed or being left behind. Imagine if you and your spouse had the same thinking as your pet. How peaceful it would be to just fully trust each other and enjoy each other’s company always. Treating your spouse like a pet won’t only earn you warm hugs but a shot at a lasting marriage.

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How To Make Him Happy

How To Make Him Happy
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How To Make Him Happy

Making your husband happy is a whole lot easier than you think, as men in general are easy to please, especially involving the woman they love. Start by loving yourself first, and then eventually, you can make your man happy. Let go of the things that bother you, and be positive.

A man’s first love is his mum. No one can replace her, not even his wife. So, make a genuine effort to get along with your mother-in-law. Know what her likes and hobbies are, so you can establish a common ground with her. Respect her and praise her. For instance, make nice comments about her cooking. Invite her over for dinner, and cook her favourite meal. When she comes to your house, be hospitable and treat her as part of the family. Make sure your home is tidy and clean when she arrives. Always remember to never put your husband in a situation where he should choose between you and his mum. That would be off and awkward. Get along with other members of your husband’s family. Schedule monthly visits or get-togethers with them to establish rapport and strengthen your bond. If they live far, call them. When they are in need, offer to help. Send them gifts on their birthdays and on holidays.

Think of way  How To Make Him Happy

Don’t hesitate to express your feelings for your man. Tell him how much he means to you and that you love him with all your heart. Tell him he smells good. When he comes home early, tell him you appreciate it. Small talks are a good way to communicate with him. Your topics need not be serious. Joke around. Laugh together. Know when to be funny, and know when to be serious. When he’s upset about something, let him talk and listen to him.

Let your man enjoy watching his favourite TV shows. Let him eat what he wants to. Give him the happiness of doing what he loves. When he’s still at work, and the show he’s been dying to watch is aired, record it and you can watch it together when he gets home. Also, allow your husband to spend some time with his buddies. Having his friends around will make him happy. Nothing beats a night out with the boys. Suggest a BBQ session with his colleagues at your place.

After a hard day’s work, give your husband a massage, and surprise him by wearing a sexy outfit. This won’t only de-stress him, but will surely keep the romance going. Touching him from time to time will make him feel needed. But don’t do this all the time as he might find you too clingy. Don’t forget to take good care of your body and maintain good hygiene. You don’t want your husband catching you smelling and looking bad.

Call your husband during the day, and whisper sweet nothings on the phone. Just don’t call him more than three times a day unless you have something very important to say to him. Saying you miss him through the phone when he’s out is okay, but when you do it too much and too often, he might find you clingy. Calling him when he is out of town or sending him sweet emails will show him that he is missed.

A man always thinks that he doesn’t need any help, especially from a woman. But don’t hesitate to ask your husband if there’s anything you can do for him. Let him know that he can rely on you and count on you.

Prepare a lovely family dinner for your husband before he comes home from work. If possible, set the table nicely, cook his favourite food, and prepare his favourite drink. Let him always come home to a warm dinner and a fresh-smelling wife. Shower after cooking. You don’t want to smell like your dinner, right? While having your meal, ask your husband about his day. How did the meeting go? Did you meet new clients? Asking him about his day will show that you’re interested in what he’s doing. Talking amicably about anything is healthy communication.

Make an “Achievement Wall” for your husband in one corner of the house. Display his trophies, medals, and other tokens in one corner of your house. Let him know that you’re proud of his accomplishments in life; be it in sports or in school.

Don’t forget to get your husband something when you go shopping. Be wise though in buying gifts as men can be a little bit picky. Stay away from decorative items unless your husband is an art lover. Avoid buying house stuffs like candles, towels, and bed covers. Why not buy him tools, his favourite video games, or tickets to a basketball game which he will surely love? If you go out for dinner with your girlfriends, buy something sweet for your husband like chocolate cake or ice cream. These acts of thoughtfulness are simple, but they mean a lot for the relationship. Long hours at work may leave your husband with little time to buy lunch or dinner, especially when he’s trying to meet a deadline. Bring him homemade food so you can eat with him in the cafeteria. This requires a lot of effort if he works far from your house, but he will surely appreciate this gesture though.

When your husband is sick, take good care of him. Don’t tell him that he’s a baby. Instead, treat him like a baby. A man may look strong on the outside, but there’s always that little boy inside of him. This is a good time for you to bond with your husband as he can see how much you care for him.

Familiarity is the main reason why men get bored in a relationship. Don’t allow your husband to lose interest either in you or the things you do together. Spice up your relationship by trying new things. Coming up with a lot of surprises is one way. You don’t have to spend a lot for this.  Start with simple things like taking care of yourself, getting a new hairstyle or a simple makeover. He won’t be able to resist your charm brought on by your new aura. If your man loves hiking, plan a weekend camping in the mountains with your friends. Or if you want something romantic, you can splurge on a three-day vacation at an extravagant beach resort for honeymooners.

It’s good to tell your husband that he’s the best dad your kids could ever have and the greatest man in your life.  This, above all the gifts and surprises, will make him the happiest. He will know that he’s an effective head of the household and that you love him dearly. Appreciating your man’s effort in trying to be the best father and husband he could ever be will lead him to strive harder. So, once in a while remind him of how excellent a man he is.

Do you have some ideas of How To Make Him Happy ?

Lastly, always wear a smile. When your husband sees you smiling, he won’t be able to resist smiling back, an instant connection. Stay positive in everything you do. A loving and admirable woman is the kind of woman who wants to do the best for her husband and who doesn’t give up even though she receives little appreciation and attention from him. Don’t let the bad things show the worst in you. Instead, do everything to make the best out of them.

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You Can Use Business Skills To Win In Your Relationship

You Can Use Business Skills To Win In Your Relationship

Win In Your Relationship
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Managing your marriage like you would do a business would help you win in your relationship. It won’t instantly make your marriage work, but it’s a day-to-day journey that you would have to take. The secrets of successful businessmen lie in their dependable customer service that leaves buyers satisfied. Instead of focusing on “working hard” to make your marriage, ease up a little bit, and take this advice to heart.

Win In Your Relationship by know your partners needs

Be a master of your customer’s needs. Fill your spouse’s needs. This is very crucial because when you don’t meet his or her needs, he or she will end up dissatisfied. Know his or her feelings, wishes, and concerns so that you won’t miss out on things.  Make an impression every day. In every business, your target would be to earn every day and satisfy your customers. Impress your spouse every day by showering him or her with attention.

Stop making excuses, and don’t be defensive. When the merchandiser commits mistakes, customers want to know the real reason and don’t want to hear excuses. Do the same with your partner. When you’re at fault, acknowledge that you’re wrong, and come up with a solution rather than be defensive.

Make an effort to achieve a win-win situation. Constantly ask your spouse if by any chance, he or she needs help from you to achieve something. Having a balance in every aspect of your life will make your relationship stronger. Apply your expertise in your marriage, so you’ll be able to fulfill your duties without overexerting.

Combine business with pleasure and luxuriate in it. Let your spouse enjoy and indulge in his or her favourite things after working hard. Engaging in new activities with him or her will strengthen your relationship. Try doing things that you’ve never done before as a couple. Your marriage won’t stagnate if you do a lot of activities together.

Win in Your Relationship by striving to make it the best it can be

Businessmen always strive hard to make their company earn as much to make it successful. They always want what’s best for their business. Be like a businessman in handling your home, and don’t settle for mediocrity. Apply all the skills you have on your spouse as he or she is your most valuable customer. Live a happy life, and be the best manager your family and your marriage could ever have.

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Helpful tips for someone wondering “can my marriage be saved?”

Helpful tips for someone wondering “can my marriage be saved?”

Can my marriage be saved

By from

Today more than any other time in the history of marriage, the rate of divorce has multiplied to some unbelievable levels. There is an increased concern from all quarters as people ask the question “can my marriage be saved?” almost every day. The institution of marriage seems to be in trouble today more than any other time in history. It is important to understand that any marriage can be saved if only the two people involved are willing to have it healed.

Have you been asking how “can my marriage be saved?” Well, there are numerous things that you should understand if this is the situation you are in. Below are some of the things that you should consider:

Can my marriage be saved by admitting that I need help?

To begin with, you must never shy away from admitting that your marriage is in deep trouble and that you need help. A spouse who has this question in their mind would want things to appear normal from outside but the truth of the matter is that this does not help in any way. The first step towards the healing of your marriage does not lie in just wondering “can my marriage be saved?” but in what you do after this question has risen in your mind.

Your marriage can be saved by working together with your spouse.

Never assume that things will work themselves out miraculously. Many people normally bury their heads in the sand ignoring or totally pretending that the problem will disappear on its own. You must come up with a plan that includes identifying the problem and how to go about it. It must be noted, however, that this is not an easy thing to do. It is, however, also worth noting that divorce is not the easiest thing to do. If you can’t solve the issue on your own, then discuss seeking a counsellor’s help in order to save you marriage.

Marriage can be saved by understanding that your marriage is heading towards divorce

Those asking “can my marriage be saved” normally do so after having suffered for too long and are almost on the brink of divorce. It is important to agree that the problem is not one-sided; it involves the two people in the marriage and therefore, the solution can only come from the two. Pointing fingers and the blame game is not the way to go and each spouse should look deep within themselves to see their contribution to the problem. Be flexible and seek to make things better by compromising during the solution seeking moments.

Many who have been wondering how “can my marriage be saved?” normally lack the patience to deal with issues amicably. Many normally see divorce as the better way, but the truth of the matter is that this is more painful than humbling through the process of healing. Repairing a marriage in trouble takes more than a few hours and patience is of great importance. You must give full attention to the process.

Can my marriage be saved by asking for professional help?

Professional help from a pastor or counsellor is also important if you are wondering “how can my marriage be saved?” and especially if the problems are more than you can handle between the both of you. The involvement of a third party should come as one of the last things you do.

It is important to note that every marital problem can be solved instead of ending in divorce. There is never a perfect spouse and leaving your spouse for another person will only be like jumping from a pan into a flame of fire. With patience, you will find that the power to answer the question on “how can my marriage be savedlies within you and your spouse.





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Steps To Take When Stuck In The Rut Of Marriage

Steps To Take When Stuck In The Rut Of Marriage

Driving on a Highway

Have you ever thought what you’re going to do if you find yourself stuck in a marriage rut ?

Suppose you’re driving down the road, and you think that the drive will be pretty smooth today. Suddenly, you meet trouble. Your car gets stuck in a rut. It seems nobody is coming to help you out. You’re stranded on a lonely highway.

The Car That Is Your Marriage

You and your spouse are travellers inside the car that is your marriage. The two of you are responsible for the smooth functioning of your relationship. To avoid the rut, both of you must be willing to take the route that you know will take you to a successful marriage. If you’re stuck in the rut at the moment, don’t waste time and discuss what you’ re going to do. Take immediate steps. Take the quick route out.

If you are stuck in a marriage rut try doing activities that you have not done before.

stuck in a marriage rut

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Detours and Stopovers

Try to take a detour. Do things you don’t normally do. If you can use your weekend with no kids, no TV, no music, and no work, then you can make time just for two of you. If you’re going away, just make sure your kids are safe and in good hands. If your work is crowding your mind too much or robbing you of life and romance, stop for a vacation. Surprise your spouse once in a while. Take him or her to places you’ve never been to. Don’t allow your marriage to be a predictable trip. Here are several tips on how to do that.

Letters and Letters

Write letters to your spouse. We aren’t simply talking about love letters here. You can also write down your concerns, fears, and whatever issues you think will be better communicated on paper than by mouth. Sometimes, some things are better written than said, better read than heard. Or why not try our Love Coupons and give them to your partner to use.

Weekly Dates

Being married to your spouse doesn’t make him or her an ex-date. Continue dating on a weekly basis or a few times a month. If money is an issue, remember that you don’t have to go to an expensive place to have a great date. Each other’s presence is a treat enough.

Ten Minutes Together Daily

This isn’t limiting the time you should spend with your spouse because you can spend as much time together as you want. But if your schedule is too hectic, spend at least ten minutes alone with your spouse everyday. Make the minutes count. Don’t waste them on arguments. You can use the time to take a walk together or to watch the sunset or to share stories about your day.

A Well-Oiled Car

If you’re doing the same things over and over everyday, the routine will certainly take its toll on your relationship. Make some changes. Take a different route sometimes. Take the table to the porch, and eat dinner while watching the stars .  Dance. Develop a new hobby together. Keep your car well-oiled, so it will always run smoothly. Changing things up sometimes means sharing new experiences with your spouse.  And that saves the relationship from going stale.

You do not have to be stuck in a marriage rut

Planning For A Smooth Future

There will always be challenges down the road that you feel you’re not prepared for. Nobody said that marriage would always be a downhill ride.What you should work on is how to keep your car in good condition so that it will withstand whatever challenges it will meet along the way. Major issues should never become huge stumbling blocks for your marriage. Check for little nicks before they become problems. Ride on into the future with confidence.

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The Health Effects Of Marital Stress

The Health Effects Of Marital Stress

Couple married in a shinto ceremony in Takayam...
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A study conducted by Baker reveals the effects of married life on health. People with troubled marriages are likely to suffer from health problems.  Did you know that marital stress is one of the many reasons for a decrease in insulin? Baker states that stress doubles the risk of developing diabetes. Another study in Sweden revealed that in women, the chance of having a second heart attack is three times greater than that of any other heart patients, if their marital stress is above average.

There Are Negative Health Effects Of Marital Stress

In a study by the famous psychologist and author John Gottman, PhD, it has been proven that positive marital interactions boost your immunity and reduce the risk of heart attack. In short, if your married life is great, your risk of developing heart-related and sugar-related ailments is reduced.  In short, a happy marriage means long life.

Gottman stresses the need for developing a good relationship with your spouse for longevity. He is a pioneer in marriage research who has conducted several studies on the effects of both good and bad marital relationships. His study reveals several other things including the benefits of physical and mental activities. If your mind is filled with positive thoughts, your systems tend to function well.  The benefits are reduced risks of depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorders, and phobias. What’s more, you will relatively reduce the chances of injuries from accidents. On the reverse, if one is filled with negative thoughts and feelings such as those brought about by the passing of a spouse, the person experiences what is called the “broken–heart syndrome.” The chance of developing this condition usually affects more men than women, according to Gottman.

Dont suffer the Negative Health Effects Of Marital Stress have a Marvellous Marriage

There are many factors behind diseases and disorders such as bad diet, lack of exercise, and other bad practices. Not many people connect health to marriage, but they can be interrelated. Your relationship has a deeper impact on your body more than you ever thought of.



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Three strong and tested save marriage tips

Three strong and tested save marriage tips

Save marriage tips

By gareth1953 Friends please read my profile. New Upd from

Wherever you turn today, love is the strongest bond that keeps the world together. It is therefore not surprising to note that the marriage is one of the most important things in society today. With this having been said, one should note that this institution is under great attack and marriages are falling apart at a very high rate. There are numerous save marriage tips which one will find helpful and useful no matter which side of the world they live in. it is disheartening to see marriages that have lasted for more than 30 years coming to an end today even after the couple have invested so much in each other and together. The question is, “what are the most workable save marriage tips that will help avoid the divorce route and give you a strong and enjoyable relationship again?”

Before a relationship or a marriage can come to a point of breaking up, the fact of the matter is that there are sufficient warning signs that help in knowing where you are headed. The problem is, however, that many tend to ignore these signs at their own peril. A marriage can be saved easily by making sure that some save marriage tips are implemented; helping to avoid some of the problems from the beginning.

Save your marriage tips to restore your relationship

To begin with, communication is one of the most powerful save marriage tips that many people tend to ignore. Many couples talk at each other instead of talking to each other every time there is a need to look for a solution for their troubles. Couples should see to it that their communication skills are well-oiled and that they are able to listen to one another in order to find a middle ground. A relationship where the two can talk freely to each other about negative things without resulting in accusations and counter-accusations will definitely be healthy.

Recognise that your relationship having a challenge this major save marriage tip for you

Don’t pretend that everything is alright while there are things buried under the carpet. One of the other most effective save marriage tips is confronting what needs to be confronted when it needs to be confronted. Sometimes this will be painful, but the truth of the matter is that this is what you need to maintain a healthy relationship. Many spouses do not like confrontation because they think there shouldn’t be any in a marriage but the truth of the matter is that a relationship is healthy if you can handle emotive issues maturely. Never sleep on an issue that you know is affecting your marriage. Confront issues that need confronting, for this is the only way to deal with them. You should avoid accusations and negativity as you seek to implement these save marriage tips.

Be open and to our marriage tips as they recur your marriage and help your relationship

If you are looking for genuinely working save marriage tips, you must be willing to do all that needs to be done. This will be determined by the value you place upon the marriage. It will be important to break away from the normal now and then; to take a cup of tea or a meal outside the home setting as a way of spicing up your marriage relationship.

There are many small ways that could work very well as save marriage tips for you and your spouse, but the truth of the matter is that every marriage is different from each other. Seek to know what works well with your relationship and your spouse as well.





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Download Your Free Love Coupons To Help Your Relationship / Marriage

Download some free Love Coupons to help your Relationship / Marriage

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Download your Free Love Coupons to help your Relationship / Marriage

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Dealing With The In-Laws

Mother in law

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What is a six-letter English word that’s synonymous to love and care but if fused with another five letters makes it a fiendish living thing, an irreparable and mortifying plague that you would stay away from as much as possible? Yes, it’s “mother-in-law.” The word mother symbolises never-ending care and love, but with “in-law” at the end, it is given a whole new meaning that makes you shiver.

Many people are wary of their mothers-in-law. A bit of trivia from a tribe in Africa is a good example of this. An African male does something to his head so that his mother-in-law’s shadow doesn’t fall on his head.

Dealing with your own family is hard, but dealing with your in-laws is twice as tough. The pressure starts when they come over. Nasty comments. Criticisms. Meddling. Who can stand them?

Psychotherapists say that they usually get many patients days following celebrations like Thanksgiving and New Year’s. According to them, these holidays which are supposed to bring good tidings and make everyone jolly, instead become fighting grounds for family battles of the wit. Tensions are high enough to blow up a house. So, if you asked couples who have had not-so-happy in-law holiday experiences, they’d rather keep the celebrations private, no stress and no in-laws.

This is a perennial truth. Dealing with in-laws continues to be a challenge. For some people, this is an understatement.



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Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

The value of restoring trust in a marriage

Restoring Trust in a Marriage

By whologwhy from

Trust is one of the most crucial virtues; thus an ultimate ingredient for long-lasting relationships in the lives of married couples. Although every couple comprehends the value of trust, it is one of the hardest things to possess in the presence of ego, pride and selfishness. Once each spouse learns to trust one another, they will acquire a successful marriage. Trust enables a person to have a deeper and more secured capacity to love; therefore you should know ways of restoring trust in a marriage.

Understanding the essence of trust: First step in restoring trust in a marriage

Trust gives freedom to an individual in ultimately dealing with others. It lets go of one’s inner self to be ready to share or take part of the others’ life, thus giving them the right to be involved. You become free from concerns, doubts and other negative emotions towards other people, enabling you to fully commit and understand one another without establishing a wall in between or hiding and over-protecting oneself.

Once you and your spouse discuss and provide time to analyse the essence of trust, the feelings for each other will be mutual, restoring trust in a marriage.

Earning trust: Second step in restoring trust in a marriage

One can receive trust from others, yet it is not given instantly and unconditionally; an individual must initially prove and deserve to earn it.

How can you insist your spouse trust you if you have not delivered on your promises? Or when you have

been harsh when your spouse admits a fault? Trust must come and commence on oneself before expecting others to give it to you, once both of you acknowledge each side, trust will grow gradually in a relationship.

Being true to your spouse: Third step in in restoring trust in a marriage

Truth hurts, but is constantly better than telling lies to your spouse’s face; therefore one must be careful and secure what you have, through avoiding factors that may destroy it; like having an affair, or deception.  Many relationships and marriages have been saved for the reason that both couples agreed to maintain honesty with each other even when it involved painful truths.

Giving up is not a solution: Final step in restoring trust in a marriage

Once trust had been destroyed, the experience from it is painful and might also be so traumatic that one can’t move on easily nor may commit again. It may even cause one to withdraw from loving.

Although trust is fragile like a crystal, it can always be restored by means of putting in much effort and attention to find a solution. But bear in mind, apologising is only the beginning of establishing and in regaining trust; one must be serious in making changes and in assuring that the damage will never happen again.


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