Driving On The Freeway

Steps To Take When Stuck In The Rut Of Marriage

Steps To Take When Stuck In The Rut Of Marriage

Driving on a Highway

Have you ever thought what you’re going to do if you find yourself stuck in a marriage rut ?

Suppose you’re driving down the road, and you think that the drive will be pretty smooth today. Suddenly, you meet trouble. Your car gets stuck in a rut. It seems nobody is coming to help you out. You’re stranded on a lonely highway.

The Car That Is Your Marriage

You and your spouse are travellers inside the car that is your marriage. The two of you are responsible for the smooth functioning of your relationship. To avoid the rut, both of you must be willing to take the route that you know will take you to a successful marriage. If you’re stuck in the rut at the moment, don’t waste time and discuss what you’ re going to do. Take immediate steps. Take the quick route out.

If you are stuck in a marriage rut try doing activities that you have not done before.

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Detours and Stopovers

Try to take a detour. Do things you don’t normally do. If you can use your weekend with no kids, no TV, no music, and no work, then you can make time just for two of you. If you’re going away, just make sure your kids are safe and in good hands. If your work is crowding your mind too much or robbing you of life and romance, stop for a vacation. Surprise your spouse once in a while. Take him or her to places you’ve never been to. Don’t allow your marriage to be a predictable trip. Here are several tips on how to do that.

Letters and Letters

Write letters to your spouse. We aren’t simply talking about love letters here. You can also write down your concerns, fears, and whatever issues you think will be better communicated on paper than by mouth. Sometimes, some things are better written than said, better read than heard. Or why not try our Love Coupons and give them to your partner to use.

Weekly Dates

Being married to your spouse doesn’t make him or her an ex-date. Continue dating on a weekly basis or a few times a month. If money is an issue, remember that you don’t have to go to an expensive place to have a great date. Each other’s presence is a treat enough.

Ten Minutes Together Daily

This isn’t limiting the time you should spend with your spouse because you can spend as much time together as you want. But if your schedule is too hectic, spend at least ten minutes alone with your spouse everyday. Make the minutes count. Don’t waste them on arguments. You can use the time to take a walk together or to watch the sunset or to share stories about your day.

A Well-Oiled Car

If you’re doing the same things over and over everyday, the routine will certainly take its toll on your relationship. Make some changes. Take a different route sometimes. Take the table to the porch, and eat dinner while watching the stars .  Dance. Develop a new hobby together. Keep your car well-oiled, so it will always run smoothly. Changing things up sometimes means sharing new experiences with your spouse.  And that saves the relationship from going stale.

You do not have to be stuck in a marriage rut

Planning For A Smooth Future

There will always be challenges down the road that you feel you’re not prepared for. Nobody said that marriage would always be a downhill ride.What you should work on is how to keep your car in good condition so that it will withstand whatever challenges it will meet along the way. Major issues should never become huge stumbling blocks for your marriage. Check for little nicks before they become problems. Ride on into the future with confidence.

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