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Marriage is a lifetime commitment by two people. Getting married entails crucial decisions and should be taken seriously. Sometimes, when two people are so into each other, they rush into marriage without thinking much about the future. When the initial thrill wears off, they find themselves lost. If you don’t want to have regrets, don’t rush in. Take things slowly, and get to know each other first. The first step couples should take to be successful in their marriage is to build a strong friendship which will serve as one of the foundations of their relationship.


Marriage requires a give-and-take process from you and your partner. Know each other’s interests, treat each other with respect, and do everything with love. These are just some things that you have to learn. Satisfying your needs without thinking about your spouse’s is not good for the relationship. Showing that you love a person should be done constantly. But this doesn’t mean that you can possess your partner and take over his or her life. Be mature enough to trust your spouse and love him or her with all your heart. As a lot of people say, give love and you will be loved.

Successful marriages have couples who work on one goal that lasts a lifetime. That is, to prioritise their marriage and family over other things. They also face their problems and make mature decisions. When the relationship is grounded on true love with the spouses determined to make their marriage work, it’s highly likely to last a lifetime.

When you get married, you say your vows and swear that you will love your partner no matter what happens, that only death can make you part. Be true to your word, and live with it. It’s unwise to consider marriage with someone you know you don’t love. You have to be true to yourself, and make sure you really love the person you’re going to marry. Marriages not founded on love often see cheating spouses and infidelity.

Cheating is bad taste. It’s not only the thought of being cheated on that hurts; it’s the broken trust, insecurities, and frustrations that devastate the cheated spouse. When things don’t look very good, try recreating those times when you first got together. Engage in activities that will strengthen your bond as husband and wife. Having out-of-town trips, getting a new hobby together, or just “dating” each other again will surely keep the romance alive, so that you’ll never have to look for love somewhere else.

Accept that you are two different people but with one goal. You must trust each other that you can make your marriage work just by being yourselves. Loving each other isn’t just a one-time act; it’s a day-to-day commitment.

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Three strong and tested save marriage tips

Three strong and tested save marriage tips

Save marriage tips

By gareth1953 Friends please read my profile. New Upd from

Wherever you turn today, love is the strongest bond that keeps the world together. It is therefore not surprising to note that the marriage is one of the most important things in society today. With this having been said, one should note that this institution is under great attack and marriages are falling apart at a very high rate. There are numerous save marriage tips which one will find helpful and useful no matter which side of the world they live in. it is disheartening to see marriages that have lasted for more than 30 years coming to an end today even after the couple have invested so much in each other and together. The question is, “what are the most workable save marriage tips that will help avoid the divorce route and give you a strong and enjoyable relationship again?”

Before a relationship or a marriage can come to a point of breaking up, the fact of the matter is that there are sufficient warning signs that help in knowing where you are headed. The problem is, however, that many tend to ignore these signs at their own peril. A marriage can be saved easily by making sure that some save marriage tips are implemented; helping to avoid some of the problems from the beginning.

Save your marriage tips to restore your relationship

To begin with, communication is one of the most powerful save marriage tips that many people tend to ignore. Many couples talk at each other instead of talking to each other every time there is a need to look for a solution for their troubles. Couples should see to it that their communication skills are well-oiled and that they are able to listen to one another in order to find a middle ground. A relationship where the two can talk freely to each other about negative things without resulting in accusations and counter-accusations will definitely be healthy.

Recognise that your relationship having a challenge this major save marriage tip for you

Don’t pretend that everything is alright while there are things buried under the carpet. One of the other most effective save marriage tips is confronting what needs to be confronted when it needs to be confronted. Sometimes this will be painful, but the truth of the matter is that this is what you need to maintain a healthy relationship. Many spouses do not like confrontation because they think there shouldn’t be any in a marriage but the truth of the matter is that a relationship is healthy if you can handle emotive issues maturely. Never sleep on an issue that you know is affecting your marriage. Confront issues that need confronting, for this is the only way to deal with them. You should avoid accusations and negativity as you seek to implement these save marriage tips.

Be open and to our marriage tips as they recur your marriage and help your relationship

If you are looking for genuinely working save marriage tips, you must be willing to do all that needs to be done. This will be determined by the value you place upon the marriage. It will be important to break away from the normal now and then; to take a cup of tea or a meal outside the home setting as a way of spicing up your marriage relationship.

There are many small ways that could work very well as save marriage tips for you and your spouse, but the truth of the matter is that every marriage is different from each other. Seek to know what works well with your relationship and your spouse as well.





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Picking A Spouse


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Picking a spouse isn’t a simple process. In part, your future will be decided by the partner you’re going to choose. This is very true because you’re going to spend the rest of your life with him or her.

The quality of your life will be determined by the kind of person you will choose. For instance, it’s highly likely that if you’ll marry rich, you’ll get a beautiful house or a car that can accommodate ten people. This isn’t a fact because rich spouses can either be of the three: generous, humble/not showy, or stingy. If your spouse turns out to be a cheater, you’re married to a headache. If you marry an insecure person, please be warned that jealousy is a by-product of insecurity.

Maybe you’ll marry someone who’s loyal, loving, and responsible. Or maybe you won’t.

Be careful in making your choice. Marriage isn’t a buy-and-sell process. Remember, your decision has consequences, good or bad. Your destiny is decided by you yourself. So while you have the freedom to choose, make it right!

Life is great if your married life is good. You feel you’re the luckiest person in the world.


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Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

The value of restoring trust in a marriage

Restoring Trust in a Marriage

By whologwhy from

Trust is one of the most crucial virtues; thus an ultimate ingredient for long-lasting relationships in the lives of married couples. Although every couple comprehends the value of trust, it is one of the hardest things to possess in the presence of ego, pride and selfishness. Once each spouse learns to trust one another, they will acquire a successful marriage. Trust enables a person to have a deeper and more secured capacity to love; therefore you should know ways of restoring trust in a marriage.

Understanding the essence of trust: First step in restoring trust in a marriage

Trust gives freedom to an individual in ultimately dealing with others. It lets go of one’s inner self to be ready to share or take part of the others’ life, thus giving them the right to be involved. You become free from concerns, doubts and other negative emotions towards other people, enabling you to fully commit and understand one another without establishing a wall in between or hiding and over-protecting oneself.

Once you and your spouse discuss and provide time to analyse the essence of trust, the feelings for each other will be mutual, restoring trust in a marriage.

Earning trust: Second step in restoring trust in a marriage

One can receive trust from others, yet it is not given instantly and unconditionally; an individual must initially prove and deserve to earn it.

How can you insist your spouse trust you if you have not delivered on your promises? Or when you have

been harsh when your spouse admits a fault? Trust must come and commence on oneself before expecting others to give it to you, once both of you acknowledge each side, trust will grow gradually in a relationship.

Being true to your spouse: Third step in in restoring trust in a marriage

Truth hurts, but is constantly better than telling lies to your spouse’s face; therefore one must be careful and secure what you have, through avoiding factors that may destroy it; like having an affair, or deception.  Many relationships and marriages have been saved for the reason that both couples agreed to maintain honesty with each other even when it involved painful truths.

Giving up is not a solution: Final step in restoring trust in a marriage

Once trust had been destroyed, the experience from it is painful and might also be so traumatic that one can’t move on easily nor may commit again. It may even cause one to withdraw from loving.

Although trust is fragile like a crystal, it can always be restored by means of putting in much effort and attention to find a solution. But bear in mind, apologising is only the beginning of establishing and in regaining trust; one must be serious in making changes and in assuring that the damage will never happen again.


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Getting Married Young: The Struggles, The Happiness And Everything In Between

advantages of marrying young

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

There are many advantages of marrying young

According to the 1982 book “In Search of Intimacy: Surprising Conclusions From A Nationwide Survey on Loneliness & What To Do About It,” singles in the age group of 18-26 are the loneliest individuals in the whole U.S. This can explain why many youths are jumping into marriage early with the thought that companionship will alleviate their loneliness.This might not be the only reason why people marry at a young age, but also because society dictates the need to be connected in order to survive emotionally and economically.

Some disadvantages of Getting Married Young

Aside from financial considerations and loneliness, others, especially those who are religious and conservative, may find themselves rushing into marriage in order to experience what others are saying about sex. The scientific fact that this age is also the same age group when people are more daring, more adventurous, and more sexually driven,might also be a reason for the surge of early marriage among the youth.

Given these views, is it advisable to marry young? What are the advantages and disadvantages of marrying young, based on proven facts and experiences? Are young couples likely to separate?

Financial capacity, job security, and maturity are among the areas to consider. Because young couples marry unprepared, the marriage tends to get shaken at the slightest issues. Divorce becomes the easiest way out. The three aspects stated are interconnected in some ways. Someone with a stable and good-paying job possesses financial independence, which is essential in starting a family. The issue of maturity comes in the form of not being able to fully experience the freedom that comes with being young, like partying or doing things on their own without thinking about the consequences. Young couples, because they are missing out on the “joys” of youth, tend to behave as if they’re still single.

There are other issues that make marrying young a disadvantage aside from those obvious reasons. There are health risks involved for women who are exposed to sex early. Obstetric fistula is one of them. The International Women’s Health Program reveals that early childbearing exposes young wives to diseases.

Some advantages of Getting Married Young

Society dictates that young people should build their careers first and enjoy the perks of youth before getting hitched and starting a family, that marriage is an option for older and stable people. Although it’s hard to convince most people, surprisingly, there are advantages to marrying young. Young parents are able to grow and find their true identity along with the family they’re building. The process of finding of one’s self is intertwined with parenthood, which makes the parent more linked with the family and the children. The small age gap between the parent and the kids enable them to relate to each other more and enjoy more.

Young ones are more sexually active. This means that at this young age, they will be able to do what their bodies are created for, which is to procreate. They will be able to be around their children for many years and to guide them until even after they leave home to pursue a career and raise a family of their own.

Marrying young may be against the norm, especially with the economic uncertainty of the times. But it’s not to say that it’s impossible to do. Preparation -something that encompasses all sides of life from economic, physical, and emotional viewpoints – may be the best thing a young couple can do so that they can stand strong amidst the challenges they will be facing in their marriage.




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