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How Will We Love

How Will We Love





How Will We Love is a deeply touching video, Please Watch.

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Show Your Love

Love ? I love love love you.

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Most people would like their marriage to last. They try their best to keep their love strong. How many of them succeed? Realistically speaking, not everyone of them gets to overcome the mountain of challenges. You can do better if you know how to love your spouse.

1. Make your spouse your priority. Don’t waste any chance to express your love for him or her. Spend time together. No TV. No phone. No distractions.

2. Give your spouse a kiss before you leave the house or before you sleep.

3. Hug your spouse several times a day.

4. Always use a gentle tone and nice words when talking to your spouse. Affirm what he or she says. Avoid harsh criticisms.

5. Words can do magic to your relationship. Give your spouse the best compliments he or she has ever heard.

6. Take your spouse somewhere with a romantic view.

7. Make your spouse laugh. If you can laugh together, it means you’re doing well.

8. Write love notes. Tuck them in interesting places like between book pages or under the pillow.

9. Take your spouse for a walk regularly.

10. Take your spouse to the movies.

11. Help around with the chores.

12. Have a special dinner date once a month.

13. Don’t forget your wedding anniversary or your spouse’s birthday.

14. Accept your spouse for what he or she is, but correct him or her gently if needed. It’s for his or her own good. Don’t be stingy with forgiveness when your spouse commits a mistake.

15. Encourage your spouse in every good thing he or she is pursuing.

Lifelong joy is possible in your marriage if you know how to love and show your love.

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Becoming Friends With Your Partner

Friendship love and truth

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A study shows that the majority of marital problems that start out as minor glitches, when handled properly, end up getting solved or at least not totally damaging the relationship. Same research shows that problems that start out as “big” will end up more and more negative, propelled by heated arguments. This type of problem is not easy to resolve. It can lead to divorce because things may look like they’re impossible to fix. If you’re in this situation, take heart. There’s hope. If your spouse has suddenly become like a stranger again, try to be friends with him or her. Yes, you read it right. Form a friendship with your spouse apart from that romantic and intimate relationship you share with him or her. Cultivating a “fun” bond with your better half will help you get the best out of your marriage.

Why is it hard to be friends with your spouse?

It’s hard to be friends with your spouse because of gender issues. Let’s get down to the basics. Boys befriend boys and girls befriend girls. Before boys and girls arrive at a level where they develop crushes on the opposite sex, they first reach the point wherein they don’t care about each other. They tend to enjoy different things. What’s for boys is for boys and what’s for girls is for girls. But eventually, boys and girls get attracted to each other. A girl starts talking to her friends about the boy she has a huge crush on. A boy begins to talk to his buddies about that pretty girl in school.

According to one U.S. study, males and females have different brain architecture. They tend to approach situations differently. They have little experience being best friends with each other. Men find it easier to be friends with men than with women. Women find it easier to be friends with women than with men. Men talk openly with their buddies about anything. Women have what they call “girls’ stuff”. Men and women may have different preferences, but underneath they still have the same basic needs such as the need to belong and to form attachments.

What is it like being friends with your spouse?

Several studies suggest that better marriages are composed of couples who are friends with each other. Ever had that feeling where you can’t wait to see your best friend because you have something “important” to tell him or her? It also applies when you have that kind of friendship with your spouse. You’ll be excited to spend time together, and you enjoy each other’s company. When you talk, he or she really listens to you. You never run out of topics to talk about. When you’re happy, he or she is happy for you. When you’re sad, he or she feels for you. Your spouse stands by you no matter what.

By all means, a lover is way different from a friend. But this doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with your spouse. Make him or her your best friend. Talk. Don’t allow stretches of silence when you can have real conversations. Find good topics. Go out together not as lovers on a date but as buddies having fun. Share your feelings. Build laughter and good times on your common interests. How exciting can that be?

What Men Need To Know About Women

A man needs to know that a woman is different, and it’s normal that she’s different. It means that no matter how long you’ve been together, it’s possible that you still don’t completely understand her. But you can do a lot of things to be able to live with your differences. Read her. Observe how she thinks and acts. Find out her feelings. Respect her preferences.

What Women Need To Know About Men

In many ways, a man is different from a woman. Differences should be respected. Just because he’s different from you doesn’t mean he’s wrong. If he sees things differently from you, it’s not reason enough to reject him. Instead, accept him for who he is and what he is. Men are less complex people than women You don’t have to do a lot of guessing to find out what a man wants. Support him in the good things he’s doing. Don’t nag and pester him with questions.

What is the outcome of being friends with your spouse?

When you establish friendship with your spouse, you’ll have better communication, decreasing chances for conflicts and problems. When you two are having fun, your conversations are mostly based on positive things. This is not to say you’ll have no difficulties anymore the moment you hit it off as friends, but with your good relationship, it’s not very hard to get past the challenges. If your marriage needs growth, cultivate friendship with your spouse. Being best friends with him or her is the smartest thing you can do.

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Let’s Go Together


Do you ever wonder whether you and your spouse are on the right path or heading nowhere in your relationship? Do you ask yourself if you’re a good listener or not? Do you listen to your spouse and give attention to his or her opinion? Sort out your issues. Straighten out creases in your relationship. Evaluate yourselves as spouses. The fate of your marriage is decided by what you do. The success or failure of your relationship is the result of your decisions and actions.  Your marriage is a journey – on a road that’s sometimes not very smooth, I’m afraid. But if you stick together, build each other up, and nurse each other’s wounds, your marriage will reach places. You are each other’s constant companion. Go forward together.


elderly couple

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Keys To A Happy Married Life


A happy marriage occurs when both people are willing to work on their marriage. There are several things that married partners need to do to achieve a happy marriage. Quality time is the best thing you can give to your husband or wife. It is the secret of a contented, successful marriage. This is just an ordinary time where you spend alone with your spouse, doing things together like shopping, buying groceries, or walking the dog. Well-spent time where you can learn from each other and share your interests and concerns, and just enjoy the company of one another. Through these, you will get to know more about your partner as well. This will help you figure out the areas of your relationship that need more attention to stay contented with each other.


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Competitiveness is good in some aspects of life but not in marriage. Couples become one when they submit themselves to marriage. Therefore, gender differences should not be a problem. Seeing each other equally is another key to a happy marriage.

Building a happy marriage should be selfless. In addition, having a selfless love for your partner is the key to a happy marriage. This is important in relationships. Putting other people’s needs first, and giving without expecting anything in return are examples of this kind of love. Falling in love with your partner is not all it takes to keep a relationship. You have to willingly work things out to make a lasting marriage.

Constant communication is also one of the keys to a happy marriage. Even simple talks would mean a lot. This aspect of marriage should be established. Again, this helps you know more about each other and understand each other. Especially in times of conflicts both should be willing to talk and listen. Keeping it to yourself will just make it worse.

Loving each other completely means accepting everything about your spouse. Respect and honour their goals and aspirations in life. Couples are satisfied and fulfilled if these are present in the relationship. Remember also that people change and so does the situation. A genuine love accepts everything that comes their way, whether it is good or bad. Show them respect as you always have and the support should still be there.

Helping each other do household chores can make a peaceful home. Sharing the duties and responsibilities at home can help lighten the load. Surveys show that this ranked third in the reasons for a successful marriage. Faithfulness ranked first with a rating of 93%. Followed by a happy sexual relationship, with the rating of 70%. Couples tend to neglect this aspect of marriage; they tend to take this for granted. Even doing little things are important to keep a smooth sailing relationship.

Another key to a happy marriage is to treasure each other. Taking care of the relationship is like taking care of your own body. Own your relationship too. Cherish it as one of your belongings. By doing so, you are attending to each of your partner’s needs. Respect each other. Listen to one another. If problems arise, refrain from shouting and nagging. This makes the situation worse. Just stay calm and take things easy.

Loyalty is also one of the secrets to a happy marriage. As human beings, we need someone to grow old with. We need someone we can trust, a life-long companion that would support and guide us in our journey in life. This is realised in the union of marriage. If things aren’t what you expected, then find ways to make it happen. If you feel love isn’t there anymore, then find ways that would make you love your spouse again. After all, love is not about feelings, but a decision. The decision to love a person is being loyal to that person alone.

Marriage is the union of two individuals. Each person should be working on the relationship to make it last. Each has their own obligations. Fulfilling these obligations in a timely manner will bring the marriage a step closer to success. This also means that working on your differences with your partner would make a happy couple.

Mutual support between husband and wife can strengthen the bond of marriage. Support your spouse in his or her ambitions and interests. They will feel loved and understood.

Forgiveness is the main ingredient of a successful, happy marriage. Forgiving every fault of your spouse and never holding grudges towards them. It is not easy, but it is attainable. Keeping negative feelings will get you nowhere. It just destroys the relationship and even the person. So, practice to be a forgiving partner, and eventually your relationship will become better and peaceful.

To end, to stay happy in marriage is to keep the fire burning in the relationship, support each other, and always love each other for better or for worse.

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Five Steps To Growing Up In Your Marriage

Laughing couple.

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1. Make a deal to stop criticising each other. Criticising is a waste of time, hurtful, and sometimes devastating. It can tear down a person’s self-esteem. In couples, it creates a great divide and pushes intimacy out of the picture.

2. Encourage and support each other sufficiently.   Supporting each other in a relationship is a must. This encourages the couple to get strength from each other, which promotes positive dependence but not to the point of losing each one’s individuality.

3. Don’t backstab your spouse. No matter how angry you may be with your spouse, never judge or defame him or her. When you confide to your friends or your family, don’t dishonour your mate by calling him or her names or say bad things about him or her.

4. Treat your spouse right. To be a good person is hard, but it surely pays off in many ways. Bad habits and attitude problems certainly have a negative effect on your spouse no matter how much he or she loves you.

5. Set rules for your relationship. Set rules with your spouse and be sure that you stick with them. These can be regarding finances, household chores, or parenting duties. Honour and respect them like you would honour and respect each other.  



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How To Make Her Happy In A Relationship Or Marriage

 How To Make Her Happy In A Relationship Or Marriage



30 Ways to make her happy in a relationship or marriage.



If you want more help with your relationship please have a look around and read more of 0ur blogs.


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How To Interact With Your Spouse

How to interact with your husband or wife

If you have nothing to say to your spouse, if you’re not interested in what he or she is doing, you may be heading for trouble because marriage short of requires you to have an interest in everything that happens to him or her.

If you want your relationship to last, take an interest in your spouse’s affairs. Marriage is a situation where “mind your own business” doesn’t work. The most effective way to show interest in your spouse’s affairs is by talking to him or her.

Interacting with your husband or wife starts with talking

Silence breeds detachment. Couples who last know the importance of good conversation. Anything can be a good conversation piece, any subject under the sun which is not toxic, destructive for the relationship. When we say conversation here, we mean peaceful and amicable interaction. It doesn’t always have to be profound. You can share jokes and just talk fun nonsense.

The best purpose of a conversation in a marriage is to connect the spouses. When you’re talking amicably, it nurtures your thoughts and the respect you have for each other. You can learn new things about each other. You can sort out your issues and problems.

At a loss for words or topics? Sometimes, especially if you’re in a situation where “you no longer know your spouse, you have to consciously find ways

How to interact with your husband or wife

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to get the two of you talking. Here are some samples of conversation starters:

1. Comment on your spouse’s hobby or hobbies.

2. Comment on your spouse’s favorites. Be it a favorite athlete, pet, food, shoe brand, etc…

3. Recall something from your childhood.

4. Tell your spouse about a new movie or one you saw ten years ago.

5. Tell your spouse about the lecture your boss gave this morning.

6. Talk about how bland or sweet the coffee is.

7. Ask your spouse if he or she thinks the walls need repainting.

8. Ask your spouse if he or she wants Chinese food or Italian food for dinner.

9. Comment on a presidential candidate for the next elections.

10. Talk about the ginger you’re growing in the garden.

Remember to avoid being overly critical, judgmental, and tactless especially if you’re in the process of reconnecting with your spouse and not simply maintaining good communication. You can talk about current events, the weather, your in-laws, friends, money, jobs, etc.

The bottom line is, you should be talking. 

Remember how you interact with husband or wife is they they will treat you.

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The Effects of a Happy Relationship With Your Spouse

The man who gets married to a woman really gets the benefit of leading a good as well as effective life. He can avoid the risk of driving drunk. He will be able to provide the best available resources and happiness to his spouse.  The female partner will have a mind to console him at the time of emergency.  He will eat better. He will enjoy all the available opportunities offered in life. The life will be most beautiful if both of them have a good relationship.

Marlene and Phil at the Manti Temple

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An unmarried man really goes without applying a break or clutch. What will be the result? They will fall prey to various activities that may be considered cheap and a nuisance in the eyes of others. Women normally pose no risky behaviour, unlike their spouses.

The traditional role of man is to provide his family with money and support, and in return the woman in the family tries to give him comfort, food, clothing, furnishing etc. The man who gets married to a well-mannered woman is lucky as he gets what he expects from her. It will lead to an atmosphere where the cool, calm and happy presence of your wife always makes you better.

Marriage is, no doubt, the best option in life to those who like to be consoled. Because you have a partner with you to help, the overall effect of a single life will take a new turn that may lead to satisfaction in life. Good relationships makes peace of mind.



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Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

The value of restoring trust in a marriage

Restoring Trust in a Marriage

By whologwhy from

Trust is one of the most crucial virtues; thus an ultimate ingredient for long-lasting relationships in the lives of married couples. Although every couple comprehends the value of trust, it is one of the hardest things to possess in the presence of ego, pride and selfishness. Once each spouse learns to trust one another, they will acquire a successful marriage. Trust enables a person to have a deeper and more secured capacity to love; therefore you should know ways of restoring trust in a marriage.

Understanding the essence of trust: First step in restoring trust in a marriage

Trust gives freedom to an individual in ultimately dealing with others. It lets go of one’s inner self to be ready to share or take part of the others’ life, thus giving them the right to be involved. You become free from concerns, doubts and other negative emotions towards other people, enabling you to fully commit and understand one another without establishing a wall in between or hiding and over-protecting oneself.

Once you and your spouse discuss and provide time to analyse the essence of trust, the feelings for each other will be mutual, restoring trust in a marriage.

Earning trust: Second step in restoring trust in a marriage

One can receive trust from others, yet it is not given instantly and unconditionally; an individual must initially prove and deserve to earn it.

How can you insist your spouse trust you if you have not delivered on your promises? Or when you have

been harsh when your spouse admits a fault? Trust must come and commence on oneself before expecting others to give it to you, once both of you acknowledge each side, trust will grow gradually in a relationship.

Being true to your spouse: Third step in in restoring trust in a marriage

Truth hurts, but is constantly better than telling lies to your spouse’s face; therefore one must be careful and secure what you have, through avoiding factors that may destroy it; like having an affair, or deception.  Many relationships and marriages have been saved for the reason that both couples agreed to maintain honesty with each other even when it involved painful truths.

Giving up is not a solution: Final step in restoring trust in a marriage

Once trust had been destroyed, the experience from it is painful and might also be so traumatic that one can’t move on easily nor may commit again. It may even cause one to withdraw from loving.

Although trust is fragile like a crystal, it can always be restored by means of putting in much effort and attention to find a solution. But bear in mind, apologising is only the beginning of establishing and in regaining trust; one must be serious in making changes and in assuring that the damage will never happen again.


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