Marriage Tips For Newlyweds

Ways to Improve Your Marriage

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  • Be honest.
  • We have to support achievements and goals made by each other.
  • Your spouse is your intimate friend and life partner in your marriage.
  • Give them equal status.
  • Share your dreams and ideas with your partner to achieve goals in your life.
  • Laugh together twice a day.
  • Share your dreams.
  • Always have a mind to forgive each other.
  • Be kind towards each other.
  • Always make decisions together about chores, holidays, finances etc.
  • Make time to work together.
  • Be patient.
  • Be romantic always.
  • Bear in mind that you are not inferior to your spouse.
  • You are not superior to your spouse.

Your marriage is your life, so keep it safe.

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The Benefits Of Seeing A Marriage Counsellor


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The relationship has reached a certain level of disconnect, and it feels like reaching a state of peace and unity with each other is no longer possible. It feels like there’s nothing you can do.

Simply giving up on your marriage may seem like the best option. It looks like there’s no hope for your situation, but it’s simply a matter of perspective. Simply talking to a marriage counsellor can do your relationship a lot of good.

A marriage counsellor will be able to give you honest and straightforward advice regarding your issues. He or she will be able to help you see your relationship in a whole new light. Sometimes, when issues are too complex to solve on your own, seeking professional help is a wise decision. A marriage counsellor can help you break down the issues and see where the roots of your marital problems lie.

Being married to the same person for five or fifty years doesn’t mean that you share every little thing with each other. With a marriage counsellor, couples are able to discuss their issues individually, in private. This makes it easier for each person in the relationship to relay his or her problems without the fear of hurting the other. The information a counsellor gathers from his or her individual sessions with each spouse can help uncover many things needed to resolve issues.

Communication between couples is improved through marriage counselling. It becomes a perfect excuse to spend time and talk to each other. There are instances where couples fail to regularly sit down and have a chat with each other because of their busy schedules. A marriage counsellor’s office is a place where they are forced to spend time together.

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It Is The Right Time To Get Started

Every post-wedding life will have its own effect on life. The couple may sometimes find it difficult to get used to the new developments they are facing every day. But even more important is your willpower to solve the problem by discussing with one another in a serene atmosphere. Be it a corner of your favourite frequent visiting place or near the dining table, or be it your bedroom. Or wait till the right time.

Jonathan & Bridget + Love Story

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One thing to remember most importantly is that no one except you should handle the issue if it is really your personal domestic matter.

Any problem will have a solution. The solution is born when you have a will. The willpower lies in your habit. So basically, the fundamental thing to do in your life is to try to accommodate your spouse in your heart.  You will have to make a lot of changes in your married life if you think that your behaviour needs it. Delay means the right time is out of your hands. Try to make necessary changes together. It is the right time to get started. The result will be beyond words.

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How Can You Teach Your Children About Money?

15 Ways To Teach Children About Money

Introducing Children To Money

Decision-making skills are developed when one learns how to handle money. Teaching children how to save money and spend it wisely has benefits. They may already see the importance of saving money and will be cautious in spending too much on unnecessary things. Here are 15 simple steps on how to help and educate your children on the basics of money and personal investments.

Child 1

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1.    Incorporate topics about money when your child starts counting and is familiar with numbers.

Parents are a child’s first teachers. Be responsible in giving information and facts. Careful observation and repetition are necessary to facilitate learning.

2.    Convey ideas to your children about your own principles on money concerns.

Share with them simple ideas about savings, investments, and profits. But most of all, don’t forget to stress the importance of spending money wisely.

3.    Guide children in grasping the difference between needs and wants.

Teach them how to prioritise their expenses – that needs should be put over wants.

4.    Teach your children how to set realistic goals.

Having goals makes things easier to work at. Whether you’re young or old, setting goals should be practiced, especially when money is concerned. Tell your children that if they want something, they should work hard for it- for them to be able to buy it. This helps inculcate a sense of responsibility in them and make them realise the value of hard work and earning money.

5.    Let your children know the value of spending and saving.

Show them the importance of saving money rather than constantly buying them things they don’t really need. Initiate a paying interest to the savings of your children at home and after a few months, let them calculate the interest, so they’ll see how their money grows.

6.    Provide your kids with an allowance that is in different denominations, so they can save more and do it regularly.

Give them bills for their allowance, so they’ll be encouraged to save more. If you usually give them $10 everyday, try splitting it into one $5 and the rest $1. By doing this, it will be easier for your kids to save as they can start saving $1 dollar first and eventually raise it to $2 after a few weeks.

7.    Open a savings account for your children. 

Having a savings account will help them feel responsible for their money. This can have a good impact on their money-handling skills later in life. If your children want to withdraw money from their account, allow them. It will encourage them more to save, so they can buy the things they want without always asking money from you.

8.    Tracking everything you earn, spend, and invest is an essential practice that youngsters should learn.

This step is easier when you use envelopes, sticky notes, and pen. Have an envelope for each month where you can put receipts of your expenses. You can use sticky notes for reminders about your spending limit. This way, you can have control on your spending. Make sure that your children grasp your purpose.

9.    Have routine shopping, so your children can see how valuable it is to spend their money wisely.

Buying groceries is basically one of the first shopping experiences for your children. If you have a lot of coupons at home, you can use them to save money. If your children see how practical you are, chances are, they will also grow up into practical and financially wise adults. When dining at home, let them finish the food on their plate as leftovers are sometimes just thrown in the trash bin. If you go shopping, teach your children to compare prices first from different stores before making a purchase. A lot of money is wasted every year because of impulsive buying. Always check for warranty, quality, and good value for your money.

10.    Authorise your older children to make their own decisions concerning money matters.

Allow your children to learn from their decisions, be it good or bad. You can share your experiences with them about handling money when you were younger. Stress the importance of using common sense when buying. Be it a small or big purchase, let them research the product first. If they have several things in mind, ask them to write down five items they want to buy desire, so they can start saving. When they have enough money, let them purchase one item from the list. And then, they can save again for another item.

11.    Let them consider the feedback of the products as seen on TV or on print ads before they purchase something.

It would be helpful to know if the products you’re going to buy is worth your money, especially those expensive ones. A lot of commercials these days sound too good to be true. Be wise, and buy products that have been proven effective and tested by many. You can do research on the net and read reviews. Hear the voice of the crowd.

12.    Warn your kids about borrowing money. 

Show your kids the downside of borrowing money. Take for instance, buying a new TV. If you choose to purchase a TV set worth $499 that will be paid monthly for 18 months at $31.85 a month with 18.8% interest rate, you’ll be actually paying a whopping $575. If you simplify this idea to your children, they’ll learn the importance of weighing things first before making a purchase.

13.     Teach your children about how a credit card works.

Explain to them how to use a credit card, and warn them about the dangers of always using it. Teach them how to verify a purchase, give a tip, and avoid credit card fraud.

14.    As much as possible, don’t let your children use credit cards, especially college students.

Credit cards are one of the main reasons why a lot of people have debts. Even if you tell your children to use a credit card for emergency only, they’ll definitely be tempted to use it when they go shopping. Make them realise that saving money is way better than relying on credit cards – that they have to work for the things they want.

15.    Have family talks about monetary issues to keep your kids on the right track.

Having regular talks with your kids is essential to remind them constantly of the importance of good financial management. Wise spending is the key to a debt-free life.

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Managing Your In-Laws

If you love your spouse, and you’re determined to stay with him or her till the end, you’re bound to your in-laws for life. Here are some points on how to manage your extended family.


  • Your marriage and your family are your main priorities. Remain faithful as there can be no divided loyalties in this aspect of your life.

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  • Good barriers for good neighbors. The neighbors pertain to your in-laws who really need some fencing. Just because they’re a part of your lives doesn’t mean they can butt in any time they want. Set boundaries and rules for when they should get involved and give advice.


  • Don’t let them pressure you. If they’re draining every bit of energy you have, then you should raise the fences. Explain and reassure them that you’re not shutting them out of your lives; you just want to focus on yourselves as a married couple.


  • Carefully explain the rules you’ve made about your in-laws and their role in your marriage. They’re not as clueless as you think. And who knows, they might support you.


  • A man’s first love is his mother. If your husband becomes too obsessed to make you just like his mother, tell him to marry her instead.


  • If you have a problem with your in-laws, your other half should be the one who’ll bridge the gap and help fix things.


  •  Your spouse is not a mind reader, so let him or her stop guessing. Agree with each other on what role you want your in-laws to have in your marriage. Never assume that you and your partner have the same thoughts.


  • Don’t disapprove of and judge the relationship your spouse has with his or her parents. More attachment may result if you do that and it may lead to further complications.


  • Love your parents, and maintain a good relationship with them. But that doesn’t mean you have to always turn to them if you and your spouse have issues. It’s alright to seek their advice, but don’t let them solve your problems. Talk out issues with your spouse, and solve your own problems.


Your parents don’t know everything. They only know what you tell them. So when you run to them whenever you have problems, you’re only telling them half of the story.

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Dos And Don’ts For Interracial Married Couples

Dos And Don’ts For Interracial Married Couples

As an interracial couple, you may be facing many challenges in your marriage, which may involve other people like your family and friends. Acceptance of you as a couple may depend on your family background and the community where you live in.

Interracial Couples have many advantages as well as disadvantages going for them.

Interracial Married Couples
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If your interracial marriage is facing challenges, there are ways to handle them, and they are listed below:

  • Do follow what you believe in your heart.
  • Don’t dwell on what others think and say about interracial marriages.
  • Do trust and respect your partner.
  • Do inject plenty of sense of humor in your relationship everyday.
  • Don’t be unrealistic about your differences and about what you have in common.
  • Don’t be around people who disapprove of interracial couples.
  • Don’t consider your family’s opinions alone. Consider your partner’s as well.
  • Do work on bringing your families together.
  • Do help your children understand racial equality.
  • Do keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of interracial marriages.


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Tips to Fix Marriage

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. It does not pertain to a verbal conversation only, it also entails actions. Since marriage is a union of two different individuals, constant communication is a must. This helps couples understand more about their spouse.

Quality time

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Knowing each other’s love language is essential for a healthy marriage. If the partner’s language of love is time, then doing things together is all it takes to satisfy the need. It could be watching a movie together, going on picnics, and going for long walks together, doing shopping or buying groceries together or simply just sitting and talking. A gift is also another thing that would make a person happy. If he or she speaks this dialect then giving even simplest things, like leaving cute notes, could brighten their day. A spouse’s act of service could also save the day for people who show love through actions. A person feels loved if his or her partner would do anything that would lessen the load. This could simply be, washing the dishes or doing laundry. For people that love to hear words of affirmation, saying “I love you” or writing love letters are ways of expression. Physical presence is what matters for people who feel love through physical touch.  For this, even a pat on the back will do.

This is why it is necessary to recognise each other’s dialect. If you don’t a person’s effort will be wasted. Speaking his or her language will make a happy couple. They will feel they are loved and understood. This brings a connection between two different individuals. For example, two people of different race talk; obviously, they won’t understand each other. It is the same with love, without speaking your partner’s love language, you can create conflict. Hence, learning more about his or her love language will save you from a lot of hassles.

Being sensitive with each other’s needs is an important thing to fix a marriage as well. There will be times that a partner needs to speak his or her mind. The other person needs to listen. Listening will help identify the cause of the problem. By doing so, the problem will be addressed accordingly. Humility will also help in trying to fix a marriage. In times of argument, a person’s pride will get him nowhere. Showing interest in having a resolution will also help him or her to be assertive in solving the issue.

Aside from listening, reading actions will help too. As they say, action speaks louder than words. After having all the talks, and sensing that tension is still there, it would do no harm to ask. There might be some points that the partner does not understand very well.

Time is of the essence. Presently, society and ambitions demand a lot of a person’s time. Giving the best for the family and self would lead to less quality time for the couple. That is why finding time to spend alone with each other is essential. Even happy couples have trials too. Doing things together and taking time to talk with each other tightens the bond of marriage.

As marriage holds a lot of responsibilities, challenges will always come. Thus, seeking assistance in tough times could make a big difference. If it cannot be helped through constant communication, counsellors are always there to help.

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7 Marriage Tips To Stay Lucky In Love

You don’t need an expert to tell you that a happy relationship isn’t based on luck. It needs a lot of effort and time to make it last. To have good vibes in your marriage, here are some tips you might find indispensable:

  • First is to dismiss any divorce thoughts. In the early years of marriage, divorce is completely out of the picture. But as time passes, the honeymoon bliss wears off, and the reality of day-to-day life sinks in. Boredom and conflicts rise.  Eventually, the couple begins to entertain thoughts of divorce. Some people tend to draw it out more frequently during fights, creating anxiety and
Their first kiss ever. They saved it for their...

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  • Get rid of bad habits. A person tends to criticise, blame, complain, nag, threaten, insult, or hurt others when faced with a difficult situation. These attitudes need to be eliminated especially in a marriage. Criticising your spouse’s ability should be replaced with supporting it. Encourage your spouse instead of discouraging. Don’t complain but listen. Accept that you and your spouse are two unique individuals and therefore, don’t have the same views and preferences all the time. Trust instead of threaten. Support instead of nag.
  • Take care of yourself. Looking good and feeling good have positive effects on your marriage.  If you’re happy and peaceful about yourself, the happiness radiates from you and into the relationship.
  • The fourth tip is to discuss your social connections, and make an agreement. Having people around is inevitable, and so does making friends with the opposite sex. Not all couples are in favour of their spouse having close friends of the opposite sex. You need to talk about the limitations. You need to be open to each other about the ties you have outside the marriage.
  • Trying not to control your spouse is another tip to stay happy in love. Marrying the person is accepting that individual for who he or she is. So if you love your spouse, then you also trust him or her and his or her decisions. Controlling your other half is a sign that you don’t trust his or her judgement. This is very unhealthy for the relationship. If you’re the controlling kind, it might take time to unlearn things, but eventually, you’ll get accustomed to just letting your spouse be instead of forcing your views and preferences on him or her.
  • The sixth tip is honouring and respecting your spouse. Loving your other half is respecting him or her. If you like humiliating, criticising, or insulting him or her, then that’s not true love. Some manifestations of the kind of love that lasts are compliments, praise, gratitude, and admiration
  • Finally, bridge the gender differences between you and your spouse. Make healthy compromises if necessary to avoid clashes. Women are emotional beings. They expect to be loved, cared for, admired, adored, and treasured. They put emphasis on attachments and thoughts behind actions. Men, on the other hand, are physical beings. Their expectations are based primarily on the physical aspect of the relationship like doing activities together and giving presents. Romance and intimacy are what they need after a stressful week or a long busy day.

Therefore, do everything you can to make your spouse content and happy in your marriage. A lasting relationship isn’t based on luck but a whole lot of true love.

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Five Steps To Growing Up In Your Marriage

Laughing couple.

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1. Make a deal to stop criticising each other. Criticising is a waste of time, hurtful, and sometimes devastating. It can tear down a person’s self-esteem. In couples, it creates a great divide and pushes intimacy out of the picture.

2. Encourage and support each other sufficiently.   Supporting each other in a relationship is a must. This encourages the couple to get strength from each other, which promotes positive dependence but not to the point of losing each one’s individuality.

3. Don’t backstab your spouse. No matter how angry you may be with your spouse, never judge or defame him or her. When you confide to your friends or your family, don’t dishonour your mate by calling him or her names or say bad things about him or her.

4. Treat your spouse right. To be a good person is hard, but it surely pays off in many ways. Bad habits and attitude problems certainly have a negative effect on your spouse no matter how much he or she loves you.

5. Set rules for your relationship. Set rules with your spouse and be sure that you stick with them. These can be regarding finances, household chores, or parenting duties. Honour and respect them like you would honour and respect each other.  



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Love Your Husband? Then Don’t Cheat On Him

Four tips you should follow:

Do you know the real meaning of marriage? Your hard work, your hard-earned money, your love, your sex, etc. are things that are important in having a successful marriage. Before your husband becomes a trigger to start a conflict in your marriage you can do a lot of things to settle all the issues.

Remember the following:

Love Love Love

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  • Your husband is neat and fair. His behaviour is better than anything. He would like to give you more love than what he gives to any other. You try to heighten your flame of sex. He is fit enough to make you happy. You prepare a plan to share a weekly date night. You should be a mature experienced husband and wife, not just a husband and wife. Let your children play. Let your weekly moments rise to the occasions. You must have something special, be it your intimate love or the plan of how to rear your children.
  • You will have some dreams in life and marriage. No men like to be ignored. They will not bear the ignorance you try to impose on them. Similarly, the female expects some love and respect from her husband. If your husband can give you a little positive enforcement, then this is what is called love. He shouldn’t ask you anything in a manner that seems inappropriate to the situation.
  • Women in a family often spend a lot of time doing most of the work to make the family better. Your husband should never be negative towards you. His resentment, if there is any, can be presented in such a way as to make the situation more cordial.
  • You can find some new reasons to make love with your husband. You can inform him that you are part him. When in love, you try to erase all the conflict you and your husband have to face in your marriage. You try to love your husband. Even if you are under the threat of divorce due to some unwanted affairs with some other, your life will give you time to change. You must have a mind to change your attitude. You have the power all in your mind. You can decide how to do it, what to do  and when to do it.
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