How To Make Him Happy

How To Make Him Happy
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How To Make Him Happy

Making your husband happy is a whole lot easier than you think, as men in general are easy to please, especially involving the woman they love. Start by loving yourself first, and then eventually, you can make your man happy. Let go of the things that bother you, and be positive.

A man’s first love is his mum. No one can replace her, not even his wife. So, make a genuine effort to get along with your mother-in-law. Know what her likes and hobbies are, so you can establish a common ground with her. Respect her and praise her. For instance, make nice comments about her cooking. Invite her over for dinner, and cook her favourite meal. When she comes to your house, be hospitable and treat her as part of the family. Make sure your home is tidy and clean when she arrives. Always remember to never put your husband in a situation where he should choose between you and his mum. That would be off and awkward. Get along with other members of your husband’s family. Schedule monthly visits or get-togethers with them to establish rapport and strengthen your bond. If they live far, call them. When they are in need, offer to help. Send them gifts on their birthdays and on holidays.

Think of way  How To Make Him Happy

Don’t hesitate to express your feelings for your man. Tell him how much he means to you and that you love him with all your heart. Tell him he smells good. When he comes home early, tell him you appreciate it. Small talks are a good way to communicate with him. Your topics need not be serious. Joke around. Laugh together. Know when to be funny, and know when to be serious. When he’s upset about something, let him talk and listen to him.

Let your man enjoy watching his favourite TV shows. Let him eat what he wants to. Give him the happiness of doing what he loves. When he’s still at work, and the show he’s been dying to watch is aired, record it and you can watch it together when he gets home. Also, allow your husband to spend some time with his buddies. Having his friends around will make him happy. Nothing beats a night out with the boys. Suggest a BBQ session with his colleagues at your place.

After a hard day’s work, give your husband a massage, and surprise him by wearing a sexy outfit. This won’t only de-stress him, but will surely keep the romance going. Touching him from time to time will make him feel needed. But don’t do this all the time as he might find you too clingy. Don’t forget to take good care of your body and maintain good hygiene. You don’t want your husband catching you smelling and looking bad.

Call your husband during the day, and whisper sweet nothings on the phone. Just don’t call him more than three times a day unless you have something very important to say to him. Saying you miss him through the phone when he’s out is okay, but when you do it too much and too often, he might find you clingy. Calling him when he is out of town or sending him sweet emails will show him that he is missed.

A man always thinks that he doesn’t need any help, especially from a woman. But don’t hesitate to ask your husband if there’s anything you can do for him. Let him know that he can rely on you and count on you.

Prepare a lovely family dinner for your husband before he comes home from work. If possible, set the table nicely, cook his favourite food, and prepare his favourite drink. Let him always come home to a warm dinner and a fresh-smelling wife. Shower after cooking. You don’t want to smell like your dinner, right? While having your meal, ask your husband about his day. How did the meeting go? Did you meet new clients? Asking him about his day will show that you’re interested in what he’s doing. Talking amicably about anything is healthy communication.

Make an “Achievement Wall” for your husband in one corner of the house. Display his trophies, medals, and other tokens in one corner of your house. Let him know that you’re proud of his accomplishments in life; be it in sports or in school.

Don’t forget to get your husband something when you go shopping. Be wise though in buying gifts as men can be a little bit picky. Stay away from decorative items unless your husband is an art lover. Avoid buying house stuffs like candles, towels, and bed covers. Why not buy him tools, his favourite video games, or tickets to a basketball game which he will surely love? If you go out for dinner with your girlfriends, buy something sweet for your husband like chocolate cake or ice cream. These acts of thoughtfulness are simple, but they mean a lot for the relationship. Long hours at work may leave your husband with little time to buy lunch or dinner, especially when he’s trying to meet a deadline. Bring him homemade food so you can eat with him in the cafeteria. This requires a lot of effort if he works far from your house, but he will surely appreciate this gesture though.

When your husband is sick, take good care of him. Don’t tell him that he’s a baby. Instead, treat him like a baby. A man may look strong on the outside, but there’s always that little boy inside of him. This is a good time for you to bond with your husband as he can see how much you care for him.

Familiarity is the main reason why men get bored in a relationship. Don’t allow your husband to lose interest either in you or the things you do together. Spice up your relationship by trying new things. Coming up with a lot of surprises is one way. You don’t have to spend a lot for this.  Start with simple things like taking care of yourself, getting a new hairstyle or a simple makeover. He won’t be able to resist your charm brought on by your new aura. If your man loves hiking, plan a weekend camping in the mountains with your friends. Or if you want something romantic, you can splurge on a three-day vacation at an extravagant beach resort for honeymooners.

It’s good to tell your husband that he’s the best dad your kids could ever have and the greatest man in your life.  This, above all the gifts and surprises, will make him the happiest. He will know that he’s an effective head of the household and that you love him dearly. Appreciating your man’s effort in trying to be the best father and husband he could ever be will lead him to strive harder. So, once in a while remind him of how excellent a man he is.

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Lastly, always wear a smile. When your husband sees you smiling, he won’t be able to resist smiling back, an instant connection. Stay positive in everything you do. A loving and admirable woman is the kind of woman who wants to do the best for her husband and who doesn’t give up even though she receives little appreciation and attention from him. Don’t let the bad things show the worst in you. Instead, do everything to make the best out of them.

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How To Handle Difficult In-Laws

How To Handle Difficult In-Laws

How To Handle Difficult Tough In Laws
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The verifiable truth about your in-laws is that it can be difficult to have a healthy relationship with them and have it stay that way. It’s even harder when you live with them in the same house. Marrying your spouse automatically made you a part of their family. Some are blessed to get along with their new extended family, while some are destined to be with obnoxious and tough in-laws.

Here are some points that will help you Handle Difficult / Tough In-Laws.


  • First impressions are important, so be careful when you meet your spouse’s relatives for the first time. This goes both ways, but don’t be judgmental with them as you don’t want to be judged either. Just because your wife’s cousin doesn’t laugh at your jokes doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Give them a chance to adjust as you’re a new addition to their family.


  • There are some people who are just nosy and who are completely annoying. Your partner’s uncle may be asking you a gazillion questions that are impossible to answer. Respect them, and just enjoy your time with them. Before meeting your spouse’s relatives, know their background first by asking your spouse. Sometimes, all it takes is a little joke for them to be able to be on easy terms with you.


  • How to end conversations may pressure you more than you think. Always be respectful and modest when you excuse yourself.


  • Be patient and understanding with your new extended family because you’ll never know when you’ll need their advice. Accepting them for who they are will make the situation easier because then you’ll know how to act with them. It’s always best to spend a little more time with them to know them better.


  • Don’t pressure your spouse by blurting all your frustrations to him or her. Just because they are his or her family doesn’t mean you have to air it all out to him or her. It’ll leave him or her confused about whether to stand by you or with your in-laws. Never put your spouse in a situation where he or she has to choose between you and his or her family.


  • Taking extra effort to show your in-laws that you’re willing to make your relationship work will be a big plus. Try planning a dinner or a short vacation with them. And if they live far, give them a surprise visit. They’ll surely appreciate the extra effort you’re putting in.

Watch the video below to get some more ideas on how to handle Difficult / Tough In Laws.


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How To Deal With A Sick Spouse

Wedding 1971

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How To Deal With A Sick Spouse

It’s very important that you have patience, dedication, and devotion when dealing with a delicate situation brought about by illness or accident in the family, particularly to your spouse. Because you’re the life partner of your spouse, you have a responsibility to look after him or her or stick with him or her “in sickness and in health.”

Nothing can adequately prepare anyone to deal with the sick. But you might find these tips handy.  These are especially applicable if you’re going out for an errand.

  • Keep a “survival kit” that should contain the following:  remote control, bottled water, some books, magazines, and your spouse’s favourite movies aside from a note that says “feel better.”
  • Prepare plenty of juice and soup.
  • Be sure the telephone is within your spouse’s reach.
  • Pamper your spouse with a meal in bed complete with placemat and flowers.
  • Plump up the pillow when needed.

Overall, be your spouse’s guardian. Be sure to keep an eye on him or her most of the time. Your love should see you through this difficult time, enabling you to be tolerant and patient amid the sleepless nights, the discouragement, the fatigue, and the irritability. Some people will try to run from their responsibilities. Don’t. Your presence at this point in your spouse’s life is most important. Remember, love loves to serve.



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Dealing With The In-Laws: Why Not Move In?

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There’s this funny article in a magazine titled, “Home Is Where The In-Laws Are.” The author stated that surveys revealed one-third of men under the age 35 still lived in their parents’ home. At the age of 40, he decided to beat the record and stayed with his in-laws.


The household was divided into three generations – senior citizens, young adults, and kids. All generations spoke the same language but used words differently. The kids would say, “May I chill out?” The adults would say it this way, “Can I have a break?” See the difference? It wasn’t the only “interesting” thing in that household.


Living with your in-laws can be awkward and…annoying. Chill. Why not try to enjoy their company instead? Develop closeness and bond with them. Living with difficult in-laws has benefits. Because you’re exposed to a lot of debates, discussions, and rebuttals, you become smarter, wittier, and faster. But no matter what the “benefits” are of living with your in-laws, it’s always much better to live separately. We don’t want you to experience what the article author did. Keeping your sanity and marriage is much more important than other things.


Assuming that they’re difficult, in-laws aren’t everyone’s favourite housemates. Living with difficult in-laws is like a daily battle. Don’t underestimate the things they could say and do. They can either make or break you. Try talking to lawyers. The majority of divorce cases are caused by issues about impossible in-laws. An example of how impossible they can get is that scene from a movie where a couple, soon to be married, sat down with the groom’s parents. The woman thought that they would be discussing the wedding, but she was so wrong. Her future in-laws wanted her to sign a prenuptial agreement. She asked why she needed to sign the papers.  Her fiance’s mother replied, “Well, just in case you and my son get divorced in the near future. Rest assured the family fortune will remain with the family.” The scene enlightened the woman and made her think that if she wanted her marriage to last, she would have to learn how to deal with that kind of in-laws.


So, before your in-laws wreck your marriage, make sure your relationship is strong enough to overcome the challenges they will be posing. Still want to move in?


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Growing Up In Your Marriage

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Letting your relationship grow needs extra effort. It takes adjustments especially in your first year of marriage. When you live with your spouse under one roof, inevitably you’ll get to see his or her best and worst sides. Adjustment pertains mostly to attitudes, and this requires good judgement. If your spouse is upset, and you respond with irritability, that becomes an argument magnet. When one spouse is having a bad day, the other should just keep quiet and let it pass except if he or she (the spouse) solicits advice, help, or a conversation.


Sometimes, couples never get past the adjustment period. They may seek professional counselling because they can’t handle the problem by themselves anymore; they need the guidance of an unbiased third party. Early on, they no longer feel any affection for each other to the point of disrespect. This is an alarming stage for couples as this can result to broken relationships even after only a short period of being together.


A lot of failed marriages are caused by disrespect, irresponsibility, neglect, and that destructive habit of blaming, which lead to emotional separation. This is a simple truth about marriage – one that is self-explanatory. When couples hurt each other, they suffer the consequences.


Problems don’t just sprout out of nowhere in your marriage. They often come from tensions gathering over time. If there’s only one thing to get rid of to improve your marriage, this is immaturity. No matter how much you blame your spouse for your frustrations, it will never solve your issues. Why not try to look at the bigger picture, and examine yourself if you’ve also contributed to your problems? It’s very common for spouses to just see the mistakes of the other and be blinded by their own.


Growing up in your marriage means trashing immaturity. Be responsible for your mistakes. Quit the blame game. Practice a little bit of tolerance. Learn to forgive. Don’t spew steam all the time. Be calm. Along with maturity comes peace. Growing up is one of the keys to having a successful marriage. When you look at situations with a mature perspective, you’ll learn that things aren’t as tough as you thought they were and that everything isn’t beyond solving.

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Cleaning Up Your Marriage

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If you have long-standing problems, your marriage needs to be cleaned up.


Dusty Corners Of Your Marriage


  • You find no time for each other.
  • You fail to share your feelings.
  • You can’t stand each other.
  • You take all things for granted.
  • You aren’t interested in having sex with each other.
  • You don’t talk to each other.
  • You don’t have fun together.


Some Marriage-Cleaning Ideas


  • Always say “Yes” to your spouse.
  • Have a weekly date. If it’s impossible, try to have a monthly date.
  • Keep things simple.
  • Go on a trip with your spouse.
  • Share thoughts and feelings with each other.
  • Hug your spouse more often.
  • Sit close together in a quiet place.
  • Turn off the television or computer when you’re talking.
  • Read a book together.
  • Take a walk together.
  • Tell your spouse, “I Love You.”
  • Be as romantic as you can.


Some Cleaning Tools


  • Daily chats
  • Gifts and notes
  • Activities together
  • Good attitude
  • More romance






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How To Have Quality Time With Your Spouse

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Spending quality time together is one of the most important decisions you can do for your marriage. Don’t let your busy schedules tear you apart.

Here are some things you can try:

  1. Draw a schedule for spending time together every week. Stick to it. Or better yet, do things spontaneously.
  2. Try meeting at the park or have lunch together – at least once a week.
  3. Close your bedroom door, so you can have some privacy while you have a good chat. Tell your children to stay away for a bit – unless something urgent arises.
  4. Try walking around the block. Nature is a romantic setting.
  5. Turn off the radio or music while you’re in the car.
  6. Do chores together.
  7. Shower together.
  8. Spend at least 20 minutes a day talking to each other.
  9. Arrange quiet evenings at home.


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How To Get Along With Your In-Laws


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Do you feel tensed whenever the word “in-laws” is mentioned? Do you tend to do everything just to avoid seeing them or bumping into them? Are you anxious when the holidays are near because you don’t want to spend them with your in-laws?

The day you got married was also the day you supposedly welcomed your spouse’s family into your life. In a sense, you made a promise to your better half that you’d love them for better or for worse, and you’d stick with them through thick and thin. However then, you didn’t realise they were going to be quite a challenge for you. It’s hard when you’re in a situation where you have to choose between saving your sanity and saving your relationship with your in-laws. Things would be a whole lot better if you would just sit and be quiet so that there’d be no more unnecessary arguments and bickering.

Many people have problems especially with their mother-in-law. She can be overly critical about your management skills: your spending habits, your work, and especially your cooking. Mothers-in-law always tend to feel like they’re always right and that they know best. When you don’t have kids, they’ll most likely pressure you to have one or provide unsolicited advice. Mothers hold onto their son as long as they live, so she might treat your husband as if he’s still her little boy. Now this can be hard if he is put in a situation where he should choose between you and her. Another distressing scenario is when your parents and your in-laws don’t get along with each other.

It can be a lot of stress, but there are ways to fix and downplay things if they can’t be totally fixed. You have a choice to either allow issues to affect you negatively or positively. The best thing to do is try to heal the damaged relationship between you and your in-laws. In effect, you’ll be making your marriage last a lifetime one way or another.

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How To Make Her Happy

Simple ways How To Make Her Happy In A Relationship Or Marriage

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How To Make Her Happy

Some girls are raised on the thinking that they’re princesses and are living in a fairytale world. They carry that thinking over when they grow up. Making idealistic women happy is challenging and requires more effort. If your partner is like this, there are countless things you can do to make her fairytale dreams come true. Keep in mind that she has been raised on magical stories and may be expecting to marry someone like a prince eventually. She may be waiting for a “perfect” man to come along. Realistically speaking, this is impossible because no one is perfect. Make your wife see you as her prince without losing your own personality. The truth is, you can make her feel like a princess – without becoming a prince of sorts – by showering her with happiness and pampering her with love.

Understand How To Make Her Happy

To fully make a her happy, you should first understand her. Know the things that make her tick, the things that she loves doing, e.g. why she never gets tired of shopping. By knowing her innermost self, it would be easier for you to make her smile. She’ll be happy without you having to exert extra effort. Remember that women naturally have a lot of expectations, so add a little interesting twist to everything you do.

A woman has to be respected. This, we learned from the old days. No matter what happens, don’t put her down. Don’t criticise or ignore her. Instead, treat her like a lady should be treated. Respect is earned and is a two-way street. Respect begets respect.

“I love you” is what most women want to hear from the one they love. It may sound cheesy, but don’t hesitate to say it because you never know what might happen tomorrow. So tell her every day that you love her and that she’s your only one. Do it when you’re together, before you say goodbye, and call her if you’re away. “I trust you” is the next best line that you can say to her. Trusting someone isn’t easy as you can’t trust without loving her.

A woman can change her mind in the blink of an eye as mood swings are quite common in her. Be patient with her if she easily gets upset over little things. Honour her feelings. You don’t have to say anything, just let her speak her mind and express herself. Don’t offer advice unless she asks you. Getting piqued when she’s having mixed emotions will just lead to unnecessary fights. Don’t get in the habit of interrupting her when she’s doing something. When she’s having a long phone call conversation, stay cool and wait. When she’s happy, be happy and celebrate with her.

Complimenting your lady from the style of her hair to the clothes she’s wearing will definitely be appreciated. A woman likes to be complimented especially if she has taken so much effort to look good for you. Hold her hand while you compliment her. Even the slightest touch makes a woman feel special and secure. Show your appreciation when she cooks something for you. Tell her she’s a good cook. It’s one of the best compliments she could ever receive.

Be extra thoughtful. Bring her small gifts or flowers, or surprise her with a date at home with a good movie and popcorn. During your days off, go shopping with her. Buy her clothes and make-up. While shopping, hold her hand even when there are people around. She’ll feel loved, and it will show that you’re proud to be with her. Don’t be shy to hold hands or have quick hugs in public, but don’t overdo it as there are appropriate times to be intimate with each other.

Reliving the early days of your love life will bring back the joy they once brought you and your wife. Take her to a romantic dinner date in a posh restaurant or snuggle while watching a movie like when you were first together. Have cute nicknames for each other. Arrange romantic getaways like going to the beach for an overnight stay or if she loves art, visit the art museum, and spend the night at a hotel for a new experience. Then, enjoy a couple’s massage to relieve stress and be relaxed after a tiring day.

When you’re apart, have constant communication through texts or calls. For sure you’ll miss her, so keep a photo of her in your wallet. Surprise her with small love notes, and hide them in the kitchen or in her jewellery box. When you get home, cook her favourite dish, and give her a kiss for no reason at all.

A woman loves attention. She loves being in the limelight and being the life of a party. Just like in a relationship, she wants your attention. Spending time together will not only make her happy but it will also bring feelings of security. Remembering dates shows that she’s important to you. Anniversaries, birthdays, and unforgettable events are a big deal for a woman. On her birthday, give her flowers in the morning, and offer to be her slave for a day. When celebrating your anniversary, start with breakfast in bed with romantic music on, and book your favourite restaurant. So, if you easily forget numbers, mark your calendar, and save reminders on your phone.

Give your wife a break from her routine. Give your kids a shower for a change, or read them storybooks before they go to sleep. Take them out to the park or to the mall. This won’t only de-stress you but will also strengthen your bond as a family. If you have free days from work, enjoy a family dinner and watch a movie. Cooking with your children is another fun moment that you can do. They will enjoy the experience and at the same time, learn some basic things in life. Let your wife enjoy her individuality. Let her treat herself at the spa, or go on a girls’ day out with her friends to shop and unwind.

As you have read How to Make Her Happy is a matter of understanding her and doing what she likes.

Doing house chores and learning to use kitchen appliances will be a big plus if you really want to make your lady happy. Cleaning the bathroom, helping wash the dishes, or simply taking out the garbage are enough to show your love. Learn to use the washing machine so you can do the laundry yourself. It wouldn’t be much work for you. Offer your services even if she never asks you like if she’s having technical problems on the computer or if the sink needs plumbing.

Be more affectionate, and your wife will be more than willing to leave what she’s doing just to be with you. A woman loves to spend time with the one she loves and she never grows tired of it. So when you make special gestures, she’ll want to be with you always. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll surely make her the happiest woman in the world. So treat her like a princess not because she’s idealistic but because she’s worth it.

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