The Health Effects Of Marital Stress

The Health Effects Of Marital Stress

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A study conducted by Baker reveals the effects of married life on health. People with troubled marriages are likely to suffer from health problems.  Did you know that marital stress is one of the many reasons for a decrease in insulin? Baker states that stress doubles the risk of developing diabetes. Another study in Sweden revealed that in women, the chance of having a second heart attack is three times greater than that of any other heart patients, if their marital stress is above average.

There Are Negative Health Effects Of Marital Stress

In a study by the famous psychologist and author John Gottman, PhD, it has been proven that positive marital interactions boost your immunity and reduce the risk of heart attack. In short, if your married life is great, your risk of developing heart-related and sugar-related ailments is reduced.  In short, a happy marriage means long life.

Gottman stresses the need for developing a good relationship with your spouse for longevity. He is a pioneer in marriage research who has conducted several studies on the effects of both good and bad marital relationships. His study reveals several other things including the benefits of physical and mental activities. If your mind is filled with positive thoughts, your systems tend to function well.  The benefits are reduced risks of depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, post-traumatic stress disorders, and phobias. What’s more, you will relatively reduce the chances of injuries from accidents. On the reverse, if one is filled with negative thoughts and feelings such as those brought about by the passing of a spouse, the person experiences what is called the “broken–heart syndrome.” The chance of developing this condition usually affects more men than women, according to Gottman.

Dont suffer the Negative Health Effects Of Marital Stress have a Marvellous Marriage

There are many factors behind diseases and disorders such as bad diet, lack of exercise, and other bad practices. Not many people connect health to marriage, but they can be interrelated. Your relationship has a deeper impact on your body more than you ever thought of.