Sharing What’s In Your Heart With Your Spouse


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You can share your thoughts with your spouse. You can pass on what’s on your mind. But can you imagine how you will be able to express your deepest feelings?

Sharing your feelings with your spouse means you’re giving your heart to him or her. Here are ideas on how to express:

ü  Know the difference between thoughts and feelings.

ü  Say “I think” or “I feel” during discussions. “I feel” is more emphatic than “I think.”

ü  Use “feeling” words like “love” and “like.”

ü  Write feelings on paper for your spouse to read.

ü  Talk about what makes you happy, sad, or worried.

More Tips

1.   Avoid saying things like, “Don’t worry”, “Be happy”, or “You shouldn’t think that way.”

2.   Don’t try to make a decision simply based on the feelings your spouse expressed.

3.   Find time to share your feelings, preferably on a daily basis.

4.   Be an open-minded person.

5.  Share only what’s true.

6.  Be willing to sit down and talk.




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