Addressing Differences In Sexual Preferences

Men are easily turned on sexually. This may sound funny for some, but it actually has scientific basis. Women, on the other hand, may need a little more time to get in the mood.

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Men are known to be easily aroused without the need for foreplay or conditioning of the mind. Their sexual desire is based on visuals. What they see turns them on. They also view sex as a primary need that should be prioritized before anything else in a relationship. On the women’s side, sex is only secondary, behind other things that make a relationship work. This is due to their tendency to put the emotional aspect of the relationship over the physical. They have to be emotionally involved first to engage in sexual activity.

These different views of sex between men and women need not become a source of conflict in a marriage. Couples should learn to accept that in a relationship, differences are sometimes inevitable. For instance, the husband wants to get intimate, but the wife refuses. The key is to have respect for each other’s views and preferences. Couples should bear in mind that a person doesn’t stop being an “individual” even when a “better half” exists. By understanding his/her spouse’s rights, a person shows respects for his/her individuality which leads to less tension in a marriage.

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