Gender Differences and Relationships

If asked to list down the differences between men and women, the average person would probably take hours to come up with such a list. Physically, men and women are obviously different. But can it possibly be a cause of contention? That men have bigger biceps or that they develop beer bellies and women, love handles? Not much. It’s the mental and emotional aspects that have caused a stir in the intellectual world. Hence, the concepts of male chauvinism, feminism, and double standards exist. Gender differences and inequality – these are what meaningful poems like Adrienne Rich’s “Diving Into The Wreck” are all about.

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Too many articles have already touched this topic – men are logical, and women are emotional. Actually, this has scientific basis. According to psychology professor Richard Haier, men have more gray matter in their brains, while women have more white matter. It doesn’t have a significant effect on their intelligence but on how they think.

Men live for activities. Women feed on feelings. Men don’t like distractions or too much talking when they work. Women tend to work better when in a group. Men are generally less talkative. Women, on the other hand, are more inclined to share their feelings. When a man has a problem, he retreats to think it over. A woman calls her friend to talk about the problem. Men tend to be less conscious about looking good. This is basically the reason why they don’t wear makeup or ask questions like “How do I look?” or “What colour suits me best?” Women, on the other hand, like to try diet and exercise fads. But of course, these can be taken as generalisations.

In a relationship, a husband puts importance on giving gifts to his wife. A wife isn’t touched by the gifts themselves but by the fact that her husband cares for her to give her such gifts. Women are more focused on the things happening behind the scene – the reason and the thought behind a gift, a dinner date, or a surprise. What men like is the idea that they can give things to their wives. Men like to provide. Women like to nurture thoughts.

Oftentimes, gender differences and stereotypes are dictated or emphasised by society. We refer to a male president as president. We call a female president a lady president. We’re amused at the idea of husbands staying at home to care for the kids. This same kind of thinking makes some women shine like Danica Patrick and Joan of Arc because we tend to think driving fast cars and becoming war heroes refer only to men. We have so categorised activities and preferences.

Gender differences do exist, but they shouldn’t be a cause of contention. We shouldn’t debate anymore on which is the weaker or stronger sex because the debate will just go on and on. Men don’t have the monopoly of the boardroom and the women, the kitchen. There are male CEOs, and there are female CEOs. There are housewives and house husbands. There are strong men as well as strong women. There are weaklings for men as there are weaklings for women.

Differences should spice up relationships, not divide. And this idea still wins nowadays. This is interesting. Perhaps, it’s safe to say that the things that make men and women different are what create the spark that draws them to have a relationship. A man and a woman are supposed to be different, but it’s amazing how they still end up together.

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