Really Simple Tips For A Long-Lasting Marriage

Really Simple Tips For A Long-Lasting Marriage

Want to have a long-lasting Marriage with your spouse? Try these practical and direct-to-the-point tips:

Happy Marriage

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  •     Don’t hesitate to apologise. Don’t be stingy with forgiveness.
  •     Don’t keep bringing up issues of the past.
  •     Be friends with each other.
  •     Be passionate towards life and each other.
  •     Be romantic.
  •     Laugh at least twice daily.
  •     Don’t criticise each other.
  •     Deal with everything in a pleasant way.
  •     Accept each other’s opinions.
  •     Do things which build up trust between the two of you.
  •     Be like a team when dealing with parenting duties.
  • Comfort and encourage each other.
  • Share things with each other.
  • Respect each other’s need for privacy.
  • Don’t be boring. Use humour often.
  • Maintain intimacy throughout the marriage.
  • Always enjoy the simple pleasures of love.

Go to important events together.