Say I Love You In Many Ways


How many ways I love you

Saying “I love you” to your partner at least once a day does wonders to your marriage; healing rifts, easing tensions, bridging gaps, or simply making your relationship more exciting. “Saying” I love you ironically doesn’t only involve words. The cliche, “Action speaks louder than words,” is best interpreted in a marriage. Although verbally expressing your love to your spouse is important, you can very well sayI love you” even without speaking.

To express How many ways I love you. You should do more than talk.

•    Write love quotes to your spouse. Leave them under his or her pillow or mug, or in his or her pocket.

How many ways I love you,

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•    Every now and then, grant his or her wish. Act like a bridge towards his or her dream.

•    When he or she is talking, listen!

•    Be like an angel from above to him or her.

•    Surprise him or her with gifts. Don’t wait for your anniversary to pamper him or her.

•    Share your feelings.

•    Try to be pleasant always.

•    Dance with your spouse.

•    Do his or her chores.

•    Plan and cook meals together.

•    When you talk, hold his or her hand.

There are many more ways to show How many ways I love you to your partner.

Saying “I love you” to your spouse shouldn’t be merely lip service or an act to reassure him or her of your feelings. You should do it because you truly want to make him happy or make her happy.

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