7 Marriage Tips To Stay Lucky In Love

You don’t need an expert to tell you that a happy relationship isn’t based on luck. It needs a lot of effort and time to make it last. To have good vibes in your marriage, here are some tips you might find indispensable:

  • First is to dismiss any divorce thoughts. In the early years of marriage, divorce is completely out of the picture. But as time passes, the honeymoon bliss wears off, and the reality of day-to-day life sinks in. Boredom and conflicts rise.  Eventually, the couple begins to entertain thoughts of divorce. Some people tend to draw it out more frequently during fights, creating anxiety and
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  • Get rid of bad habits. A person tends to criticise, blame, complain, nag, threaten, insult, or hurt others when faced with a difficult situation. These attitudes need to be eliminated especially in a marriage. Criticising your spouse’s ability should be replaced with supporting it. Encourage your spouse instead of discouraging. Don’t complain but listen. Accept that you and your spouse are two unique individuals and therefore, don’t have the same views and preferences all the time. Trust instead of threaten. Support instead of nag.
  • Take care of yourself. Looking good and feeling good have positive effects on your marriage.  If you’re happy and peaceful about yourself, the happiness radiates from you and into the relationship.
  • The fourth tip is to discuss your social connections, and make an agreement. Having people around is inevitable, and so does making friends with the opposite sex. Not all couples are in favour of their spouse having close friends of the opposite sex. You need to talk about the limitations. You need to be open to each other about the ties you have outside the marriage.
  • Trying not to control your spouse is another tip to stay happy in love. Marrying the person is accepting that individual for who he or she is. So if you love your spouse, then you also trust him or her and his or her decisions. Controlling your other half is a sign that you don’t trust his or her judgement. This is very unhealthy for the relationship. If you’re the controlling kind, it might take time to unlearn things, but eventually, you’ll get accustomed to just letting your spouse be instead of forcing your views and preferences on him or her.
  • The sixth tip is honouring and respecting your spouse. Loving your other half is respecting him or her. If you like humiliating, criticising, or insulting him or her, then that’s not true love. Some manifestations of the kind of love that lasts are compliments, praise, gratitude, and admiration
  • Finally, bridge the gender differences between you and your spouse. Make healthy compromises if necessary to avoid clashes. Women are emotional beings. They expect to be loved, cared for, admired, adored, and treasured. They put emphasis on attachments and thoughts behind actions. Men, on the other hand, are physical beings. Their expectations are based primarily on the physical aspect of the relationship like doing activities together and giving presents. Romance and intimacy are what they need after a stressful week or a long busy day.

Therefore, do everything you can to make your spouse content and happy in your marriage. A lasting relationship isn’t based on luck but a whole lot of true love.

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