Tips to Fix Marriage

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. It does not pertain to a verbal conversation only, it also entails actions. Since marriage is a union of two different individuals, constant communication is a must. This helps couples understand more about their spouse.

Quality time

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Knowing each other’s love language is essential for a healthy marriage. If the partner’s language of love is time, then doing things together is all it takes to satisfy the need. It could be watching a movie together, going on picnics, and going for long walks together, doing shopping or buying groceries together or simply just sitting and talking. A gift is also another thing that would make a person happy. If he or she speaks this dialect then giving even simplest things, like leaving cute notes, could brighten their day. A spouse’s act of service could also save the day for people who show love through actions. A person feels loved if his or her partner would do anything that would lessen the load. This could simply be, washing the dishes or doing laundry. For people that love to hear words of affirmation, saying “I love you” or writing love letters are ways of expression. Physical presence is what matters for people who feel love through physical touch.  For this, even a pat on the back will do.

This is why it is necessary to recognise each other’s dialect. If you don’t a person’s effort will be wasted. Speaking his or her language will make a happy couple. They will feel they are loved and understood. This brings a connection between two different individuals. For example, two people of different race talk; obviously, they won’t understand each other. It is the same with love, without speaking your partner’s love language, you can create conflict. Hence, learning more about his or her love language will save you from a lot of hassles.

Being sensitive with each other’s needs is an important thing to fix a marriage as well. There will be times that a partner needs to speak his or her mind. The other person needs to listen. Listening will help identify the cause of the problem. By doing so, the problem will be addressed accordingly. Humility will also help in trying to fix a marriage. In times of argument, a person’s pride will get him nowhere. Showing interest in having a resolution will also help him or her to be assertive in solving the issue.

Aside from listening, reading actions will help too. As they say, action speaks louder than words. After having all the talks, and sensing that tension is still there, it would do no harm to ask. There might be some points that the partner does not understand very well.

Time is of the essence. Presently, society and ambitions demand a lot of a person’s time. Giving the best for the family and self would lead to less quality time for the couple. That is why finding time to spend alone with each other is essential. Even happy couples have trials too. Doing things together and taking time to talk with each other tightens the bond of marriage.

As marriage holds a lot of responsibilities, challenges will always come. Thus, seeking assistance in tough times could make a big difference. If it cannot be helped through constant communication, counsellors are always there to help.

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