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Helpful tips for someone wondering “can my marriage be saved?”

Helpful tips for someone wondering “can my marriage be saved?”

Can my marriage be saved

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Today more than any other time in the history of marriage, the rate of divorce has multiplied to some unbelievable levels. There is an increased concern from all quarters as people ask the question “can my marriage be saved?” almost every day. The institution of marriage seems to be in trouble today more than any other time in history. It is important to understand that any marriage can be saved if only the two people involved are willing to have it healed.

Have you been asking how “can my marriage be saved?” Well, there are numerous things that you should understand if this is the situation you are in. Below are some of the things that you should consider:

Can my marriage be saved by admitting that I need help?

To begin with, you must never shy away from admitting that your marriage is in deep trouble and that you need help. A spouse who has this question in their mind would want things to appear normal from outside but the truth of the matter is that this does not help in any way. The first step towards the healing of your marriage does not lie in just wondering “can my marriage be saved?” but in what you do after this question has risen in your mind.

Your marriage can be saved by working together with your spouse.

Never assume that things will work themselves out miraculously. Many people normally bury their heads in the sand ignoring or totally pretending that the problem will disappear on its own. You must come up with a plan that includes identifying the problem and how to go about it. It must be noted, however, that this is not an easy thing to do. It is, however, also worth noting that divorce is not the easiest thing to do. If you can’t solve the issue on your own, then discuss seeking a counsellor’s help in order to save you marriage.

Marriage can be saved by understanding that your marriage is heading towards divorce

Those asking “can my marriage be saved” normally do so after having suffered for too long and are almost on the brink of divorce. It is important to agree that the problem is not one-sided; it involves the two people in the marriage and therefore, the solution can only come from the two. Pointing fingers and the blame game is not the way to go and each spouse should look deep within themselves to see their contribution to the problem. Be flexible and seek to make things better by compromising during the solution seeking moments.

Many who have been wondering how “can my marriage be saved?” normally lack the patience to deal with issues amicably. Many normally see divorce as the better way, but the truth of the matter is that this is more painful than humbling through the process of healing. Repairing a marriage in trouble takes more than a few hours and patience is of great importance. You must give full attention to the process.

Can my marriage be saved by asking for professional help?

Professional help from a pastor or counsellor is also important if you are wondering “how can my marriage be saved?” and especially if the problems are more than you can handle between the both of you. The involvement of a third party should come as one of the last things you do.

It is important to note that every marital problem can be solved instead of ending in divorce. There is never a perfect spouse and leaving your spouse for another person will only be like jumping from a pan into a flame of fire. With patience, you will find that the power to answer the question on “how can my marriage be savedlies within you and your spouse.





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Healing A Broken Marriage

Healing A Broken Marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment.  It is the union of two individuals bound by love. Everything may seem perfect at the start, but oftentimes, changes happen inevitably. Smiles and laughter give way to tears, sadness, and disappointment. There are times when a spouse feels unloved and taken for granted. Discord. Unfaithfulness. Boredom. These are only a few of the things that can plague a marriage. Most of problematic marriages aren’t beyond repair. Couples either just give up easily or fail to arrive at the right solutions. Here are some tips on how to approach marital problems:

Are you ready to Heal your Broken Marriage ?

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Willingness is one key to heal a broken marriage. The interest to make things work out plays a great role in reconciliation. Both parties need to be  determined to resolve their issues. Another thing that will help couples get through a rough road is love. Love is a decision, not a feeling. If the spouses placed importance on their wedding vows and the reasons that brought them together in the first place, solutions wouldn’t be a big impossibility. When a couple is bound by love , they’ll do everything to stay together.

According to Dr. John Stoll,  living with the four Cs will help a marriage through the healing process.

The first one is commitment. Couples who are committed will always find ways to fix their issues. Problems might shake them, but they won’t crumble. To ensure that they’ll survive the challenges ahead, couples should make commitment one of the foundations of their marriage.

Second is communication. It’s important for the husband and wife in crisis to talk. If they don’t, how will both know what the other is thinking and feeling? Couples who come to the table and talk have taken the first step towards solving their problems.

The third C is confrontation. By this, we mean making things clear with your spouse peacefully. Anger is oftentimes unavoidable especially when too much pain is involved. But a hot-tempered approach in dealing with marital issues never works.

Last is compromise. Adjustment is part of life. As long as it’s not unlawful, immoral, or life-threatening, making compromises is crucial to achieving balance in a marriage. Couples should establish a middle ground in their relationship, a halfway point where they could meet. For example, the wife wants to watch a cooking show, but the husband is glued to a gardening show. The best option would be to find something both could watch.

To end, there’s nothing like forgiveness in Healing A Broken Marriage. It doesn’t mean forgetting the fault or the problem; it’s about one’s willingness “to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt.” It lessens the pain and brings peace.

What are you waiting for ?? Heal your Broken Marriage.


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