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How Can I Save My Marriage? Having A Steadfast Mindset


Marriage has always been the culmination of an intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Getting married may be difficult, but even your ancestors have been practicing it according to the archaeologists findings of various cave drawings. Marriage is the unity of two people who want to become one in the bond of love. Marriage is not temporary. It’s not like picking a toy and dumping it when you no longer want to play with it. It’s a lifetime decision that two people have to make. It is a sacred union that you have to live with all your life. So before you jump into marriage, think about it and ponder on the future impact it will have on your life.

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Even if you have the perfect love story from the start, sadly, there are some marriages that fail. Husbands and wives often ask themselves what they did wrong for their love to end. If you see signs of your marriage going downhill, take action immediately. Look for ways to save your marriage to avoid further hurts before you end up divorced.

After your honeymoon stage, you and your spouse will face reality and get back to the life you have but now with a different perspective and priorities. As you live together, there will be more bills to pay, more household work and all the necessary changes you will face as a couple. This is a test to see if you and your partner will survive the high demands of marriage responsibilities. You have to be prepared for skyrocketing stress and be quick in resolving issues in your relationship. You will have healthy arguments but there will also be nasty ones. Always remember that nothing is solved with hot-headedness. Be calm and composed when you fight. If possible, avoid shouting.

So how can you save your marriage? Have a rational and logical mindset. Nothing stays constant, even problems. You may face the worst now, but it will soon go away. When you have a problem, talk it over with your spouse. Don’t argue over simple matters because it will make it big, instead face your problems together and solve it hand in hand. If you’re very hot-headed and easily get mad, take a deep breath and let the situation cool down before you talk to your partner. Some individuals need more time than others but if you really love them, you will understand.

These are just simple measures that you can take in order for you to save your marriage. You are the master of your marriage so you really know the ups and downs of it. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by talking it out. You will definitely have a happy marriage when you and your partner learn to compromise.


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Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

Interesting Ways of Restoring Trust in a Marriage

The value of restoring trust in a marriage

Restoring Trust in a Marriage

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Trust is one of the most crucial virtues; thus an ultimate ingredient for long-lasting relationships in the lives of married couples. Although every couple comprehends the value of trust, it is one of the hardest things to possess in the presence of ego, pride and selfishness. Once each spouse learns to trust one another, they will acquire a successful marriage. Trust enables a person to have a deeper and more secured capacity to love; therefore you should know ways of restoring trust in a marriage.

Understanding the essence of trust: First step in restoring trust in a marriage

Trust gives freedom to an individual in ultimately dealing with others. It lets go of one’s inner self to be ready to share or take part of the others’ life, thus giving them the right to be involved. You become free from concerns, doubts and other negative emotions towards other people, enabling you to fully commit and understand one another without establishing a wall in between or hiding and over-protecting oneself.

Once you and your spouse discuss and provide time to analyse the essence of trust, the feelings for each other will be mutual, restoring trust in a marriage.

Earning trust: Second step in restoring trust in a marriage

One can receive trust from others, yet it is not given instantly and unconditionally; an individual must initially prove and deserve to earn it.

How can you insist your spouse trust you if you have not delivered on your promises? Or when you have

been harsh when your spouse admits a fault? Trust must come and commence on oneself before expecting others to give it to you, once both of you acknowledge each side, trust will grow gradually in a relationship.

Being true to your spouse: Third step in in restoring trust in a marriage

Truth hurts, but is constantly better than telling lies to your spouse’s face; therefore one must be careful and secure what you have, through avoiding factors that may destroy it; like having an affair, or deception.  Many relationships and marriages have been saved for the reason that both couples agreed to maintain honesty with each other even when it involved painful truths.

Giving up is not a solution: Final step in restoring trust in a marriage

Once trust had been destroyed, the experience from it is painful and might also be so traumatic that one can’t move on easily nor may commit again. It may even cause one to withdraw from loving.

Although trust is fragile like a crystal, it can always be restored by means of putting in much effort and attention to find a solution. But bear in mind, apologising is only the beginning of establishing and in regaining trust; one must be serious in making changes and in assuring that the damage will never happen again.


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If Your Parents Disapprove Of Your Marriage

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What will be the impact on you and your family if your parents are reluctant to accept your marriage? One way or another, it will have an effect on the very existence of your relationship.

  • Inform your parents about what you have decided in your life, even though it might make them angry.  Always be honest with your parents.  Get your spouse to mingle with them. Sometimes, our views of people are only formed because we haven’t had the chance to get to know them better.
  • Listen to what your parents say about your decision. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with their views.
  • You shouldn’t rush things, especially if you’re a minor. Wait till you’ve overcome all the hurdles. If your love is true, it can wait.
  • Attend pre-marital counselling or camps for engaged couples.
  • If you’re having second thoughts about your marriage, try to postpone it. One thing that you have to bear in mind is that divorce is worse than calling off the wedding.
  • If disapproval of your parents continues even after your wedding, try to discuss with your spouse the boundaries you both need to set in your relationship with them.
  • Always take advantage of chances to attend family gatherings with your spouse or to visit your parents. When they know that you’re sincere to patch things up with them, your parents might change their mind about your marriage.
  • Disapproval of parents can be a source of conflict between you and your spouse. Make sure that both of you are ready to face the challenges.
  • The conflict with your parents shouldn’t be allowed to escalate. Don’t hold grudges against them. You can keep a distance physically, but always keep in contact. Be patient.  Every problem will have a solution.



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