Top Eight Tips To Save Your Marriage From Disaster

There are many reasons behind unsuccessful marriages; poor communication, boredom, nagging habits, and poor hygiene are examples. You may be communicating with your spouse in a way that courts arguments and tensions. You may not be taking care of yourself as you should be. Or you may not be spending enough time together.

Don’t lose hope. There are many ways you can save your marriage even though things are a little bit out of hand.


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  • Express yourself and talk about things. There a lot of things married couples can talk about – with benefits. For one, discussing problems with each other helps you find solutions. And don’t just talk. Listen to your spouse, and give value to his or her views. It may not always sound good, but if you’re more than willing to work things out, you’re on your way to a happier marriage.


  • Enjoy your individuality. Every person has his or her own mind. Being married doesn’t necessarily mean that you throw away your individuality. Allow your spouse to enjoy the things he or she loves. Loosen up. Don’t suffocate your spouse with your paranoia, irrational jealousy, and suspicions. Worrying about his or her whereabouts all the time won’t do your marriage good.


  • Be there for each other. Supporting your spouse in times of difficulty will strengthen your bond and with that, you will grow as a couple.


  • Give and take, but never expect. Smile and the world will smile back at you. Like in love, love and be loved. Never expect too much from your spouse, but this doesn’t mean you should hide your love or control it. Taking care of him or her and doing simple favours will boost your relationship. There’s a good chance you’ll get the same treatment from him or her.


  • Take care of yourself. Taking good care of yourself will do wonders for your marriage. If you cultivate a healthy mind and body, you become a happy person. And when you’re happy, the feeling radiates from you to the people around you. Coming home to a happy spouse is also coming home to a happy home.


  • Enjoy a day without your kids. Having regular dates with your spouse will help retain that feeling from your first date. Though family time is important, enjoying each other’s company without the kids will keep the romance alive in your relationship.


  • Live everyday as if it’s your last day. A lot of things may happen in a minute. You never know what’s in store for you tomorrow, so you might as well show your spouse how much he or she means to you. Never take him or her for granted. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Think of today. The present is a gift of life. Make it count by spending quality time with your spouse.


  • Don’t be “static.” Keep new things coming. Being boring is a big no-no in a relationship. When your spouse is bored, he or she might seek another person’s company, so keep things interesting. Surprise your him or her every now and then. Travel. Go to places both of you have never been to before. Explore each other’s interests. Be adventurous.

These are just a few out of the many positive things you can do to save your marriage. Nothing’s impossible unless you stop trying. Keep posted for more tips.

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