How To Make Her Happy

Simple ways How To Make Her Happy In A Relationship Or Marriage

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How To Make Her Happy

Some girls are raised on the thinking that they’re princesses and are living in a fairytale world. They carry that thinking over when they grow up. Making idealistic women happy is challenging and requires more effort. If your partner is like this, there are countless things you can do to make her fairytale dreams come true. Keep in mind that she has been raised on magical stories and may be expecting to marry someone like a prince eventually. She may be waiting for a “perfect” man to come along. Realistically speaking, this is impossible because no one is perfect. Make your wife see you as her prince without losing your own personality. The truth is, you can make her feel like a princess – without becoming a prince of sorts – by showering her with happiness and pampering her with love.

Understand How To Make Her Happy

To fully make a her happy, you should first understand her. Know the things that make her tick, the things that she loves doing, e.g. why she never gets tired of shopping. By knowing her innermost self, it would be easier for you to make her smile. She’ll be happy without you having to exert extra effort. Remember that women naturally have a lot of expectations, so add a little interesting twist to everything you do.

A woman has to be respected. This, we learned from the old days. No matter what happens, don’t put her down. Don’t criticise or ignore her. Instead, treat her like a lady should be treated. Respect is earned and is a two-way street. Respect begets respect.

“I love you” is what most women want to hear from the one they love. It may sound cheesy, but don’t hesitate to say it because you never know what might happen tomorrow. So tell her every day that you love her and that she’s your only one. Do it when you’re together, before you say goodbye, and call her if you’re away. “I trust you” is the next best line that you can say to her. Trusting someone isn’t easy as you can’t trust without loving her.

A woman can change her mind in the blink of an eye as mood swings are quite common in her. Be patient with her if she easily gets upset over little things. Honour her feelings. You don’t have to say anything, just let her speak her mind and express herself. Don’t offer advice unless she asks you. Getting piqued when she’s having mixed emotions will just lead to unnecessary fights. Don’t get in the habit of interrupting her when she’s doing something. When she’s having a long phone call conversation, stay cool and wait. When she’s happy, be happy and celebrate with her.

Complimenting your lady from the style of her hair to the clothes she’s wearing will definitely be appreciated. A woman likes to be complimented especially if she has taken so much effort to look good for you. Hold her hand while you compliment her. Even the slightest touch makes a woman feel special and secure. Show your appreciation when she cooks something for you. Tell her she’s a good cook. It’s one of the best compliments she could ever receive.

Be extra thoughtful. Bring her small gifts or flowers, or surprise her with a date at home with a good movie and popcorn. During your days off, go shopping with her. Buy her clothes and make-up. While shopping, hold her hand even when there are people around. She’ll feel loved, and it will show that you’re proud to be with her. Don’t be shy to hold hands or have quick hugs in public, but don’t overdo it as there are appropriate times to be intimate with each other.

Reliving the early days of your love life will bring back the joy they once brought you and your wife. Take her to a romantic dinner date in a posh restaurant or snuggle while watching a movie like when you were first together. Have cute nicknames for each other. Arrange romantic getaways like going to the beach for an overnight stay or if she loves art, visit the art museum, and spend the night at a hotel for a new experience. Then, enjoy a couple’s massage to relieve stress and be relaxed after a tiring day.

When you’re apart, have constant communication through texts or calls. For sure you’ll miss her, so keep a photo of her in your wallet. Surprise her with small love notes, and hide them in the kitchen or in her jewellery box. When you get home, cook her favourite dish, and give her a kiss for no reason at all.

A woman loves attention. She loves being in the limelight and being the life of a party. Just like in a relationship, she wants your attention. Spending time together will not only make her happy but it will also bring feelings of security. Remembering dates shows that she’s important to you. Anniversaries, birthdays, and unforgettable events are a big deal for a woman. On her birthday, give her flowers in the morning, and offer to be her slave for a day. When celebrating your anniversary, start with breakfast in bed with romantic music on, and book your favourite restaurant. So, if you easily forget numbers, mark your calendar, and save reminders on your phone.

Give your wife a break from her routine. Give your kids a shower for a change, or read them storybooks before they go to sleep. Take them out to the park or to the mall. This won’t only de-stress you but will also strengthen your bond as a family. If you have free days from work, enjoy a family dinner and watch a movie. Cooking with your children is another fun moment that you can do. They will enjoy the experience and at the same time, learn some basic things in life. Let your wife enjoy her individuality. Let her treat herself at the spa, or go on a girls’ day out with her friends to shop and unwind.

As you have read How to Make Her Happy is a matter of understanding her and doing what she likes.

Doing house chores and learning to use kitchen appliances will be a big plus if you really want to make your lady happy. Cleaning the bathroom, helping wash the dishes, or simply taking out the garbage are enough to show your love. Learn to use the washing machine so you can do the laundry yourself. It wouldn’t be much work for you. Offer your services even if she never asks you like if she’s having technical problems on the computer or if the sink needs plumbing.

Be more affectionate, and your wife will be more than willing to leave what she’s doing just to be with you. A woman loves to spend time with the one she loves and she never grows tired of it. So when you make special gestures, she’ll want to be with you always. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll surely make her the happiest woman in the world. So treat her like a princess not because she’s idealistic but because she’s worth it.

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