How To Make Him Happy

How To Make Him Happy
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How To Make Him Happy

Making your husband happy is a whole lot easier than you think, as men in general are easy to please, especially involving the woman they love. Start by loving yourself first, and then eventually, you can make your man happy. Let go of the things that bother you, and be positive.

A man’s first love is his mum. No one can replace her, not even his wife. So, make a genuine effort to get along with your mother-in-law. Know what her likes and hobbies are, so you can establish a common ground with her. Respect her and praise her. For instance, make nice comments about her cooking. Invite her over for dinner, and cook her favourite meal. When she comes to your house, be hospitable and treat her as part of the family. Make sure your home is tidy and clean when she arrives. Always remember to never put your husband in a situation where he should choose between you and his mum. That would be off and awkward. Get along with other members of your husband’s family. Schedule monthly visits or get-togethers with them to establish rapport and strengthen your bond. If they live far, call them. When they are in need, offer to help. Send them gifts on their birthdays and on holidays.

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Don’t hesitate to express your feelings for your man. Tell him how much he means to you and that you love him with all your heart. Tell him he smells good. When he comes home early, tell him you appreciate it. Small talks are a good way to communicate with him. Your topics need not be serious. Joke around. Laugh together. Know when to be funny, and know when to be serious. When he’s upset about something, let him talk and listen to him.

Let your man enjoy watching his favourite TV shows. Let him eat what he wants to. Give him the happiness of doing what he loves. When he’s still at work, and the show he’s been dying to watch is aired, record it and you can watch it together when he gets home. Also, allow your husband to spend some time with his buddies. Having his friends around will make him happy. Nothing beats a night out with the boys. Suggest a BBQ session with his colleagues at your place.

After a hard day’s work, give your husband a massage, and surprise him by wearing a sexy outfit. This won’t only de-stress him, but will surely keep the romance going. Touching him from time to time will make him feel needed. But don’t do this all the time as he might find you too clingy. Don’t forget to take good care of your body and maintain good hygiene. You don’t want your husband catching you smelling and looking bad.

Call your husband during the day, and whisper sweet nothings on the phone. Just don’t call him more than three times a day unless you have something very important to say to him. Saying you miss him through the phone when he’s out is okay, but when you do it too much and too often, he might find you clingy. Calling him when he is out of town or sending him sweet emails will show him that he is missed.

A man always thinks that he doesn’t need any help, especially from a woman. But don’t hesitate to ask your husband if there’s anything you can do for him. Let him know that he can rely on you and count on you.

Prepare a lovely family dinner for your husband before he comes home from work. If possible, set the table nicely, cook his favourite food, and prepare his favourite drink. Let him always come home to a warm dinner and a fresh-smelling wife. Shower after cooking. You don’t want to smell like your dinner, right? While having your meal, ask your husband about his day. How did the meeting go? Did you meet new clients? Asking him about his day will show that you’re interested in what he’s doing. Talking amicably about anything is healthy communication.

Make an “Achievement Wall” for your husband in one corner of the house. Display his trophies, medals, and other tokens in one corner of your house. Let him know that you’re proud of his accomplishments in life; be it in sports or in school.

Don’t forget to get your husband something when you go shopping. Be wise though in buying gifts as men can be a little bit picky. Stay away from decorative items unless your husband is an art lover. Avoid buying house stuffs like candles, towels, and bed covers. Why not buy him tools, his favourite video games, or tickets to a basketball game which he will surely love? If you go out for dinner with your girlfriends, buy something sweet for your husband like chocolate cake or ice cream. These acts of thoughtfulness are simple, but they mean a lot for the relationship. Long hours at work may leave your husband with little time to buy lunch or dinner, especially when he’s trying to meet a deadline. Bring him homemade food so you can eat with him in the cafeteria. This requires a lot of effort if he works far from your house, but he will surely appreciate this gesture though.

When your husband is sick, take good care of him. Don’t tell him that he’s a baby. Instead, treat him like a baby. A man may look strong on the outside, but there’s always that little boy inside of him. This is a good time for you to bond with your husband as he can see how much you care for him.

Familiarity is the main reason why men get bored in a relationship. Don’t allow your husband to lose interest either in you or the things you do together. Spice up your relationship by trying new things. Coming up with a lot of surprises is one way. You don’t have to spend a lot for this.  Start with simple things like taking care of yourself, getting a new hairstyle or a simple makeover. He won’t be able to resist your charm brought on by your new aura. If your man loves hiking, plan a weekend camping in the mountains with your friends. Or if you want something romantic, you can splurge on a three-day vacation at an extravagant beach resort for honeymooners.

It’s good to tell your husband that he’s the best dad your kids could ever have and the greatest man in your life.  This, above all the gifts and surprises, will make him the happiest. He will know that he’s an effective head of the household and that you love him dearly. Appreciating your man’s effort in trying to be the best father and husband he could ever be will lead him to strive harder. So, once in a while remind him of how excellent a man he is.

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Lastly, always wear a smile. When your husband sees you smiling, he won’t be able to resist smiling back, an instant connection. Stay positive in everything you do. A loving and admirable woman is the kind of woman who wants to do the best for her husband and who doesn’t give up even though she receives little appreciation and attention from him. Don’t let the bad things show the worst in you. Instead, do everything to make the best out of them.